Guizhou Anshun discovered paper room the wind can blow down (Figure) cagliari exchange

Guizhou Anshun discovered paper room "the wind can blow down (Figure) look far stick is tile, is actually the paper. Recently, Anshun City District Planning Bureau law enforcement officers found during inspections, some of the villagers in order to disguise the illegal construction, has built up a "house of cards", in order to obtain compensation in the demolition. Law enforcement officials said that illegal buildings will be removed without any compensation. Gan village discovered paper room November 16th afternoon, reporters accompanying the branch of law enforcement officers to the planning district Gan Xixiu District of Anshun city village interview. A reporter walked into the village, he saw a house standing not far away village. Seen from a distance, the house is no more than two, and it looks like a legal building. However, the District Planning Bureau law enforcement officers or see the secret, to the reporter out of the mystery. According to law enforcement officers, the bottom of the house is a legal building, but the top three is illegal construction. "The villagers use some with tile pattern paper posted on the illegal construction of the walls, to cover up their illegal construction." Reporters approached the house after the discovery, the structure of the house is a wooden structure, the above three layers of the outside is indeed affixed to the design of a ceramic pattern paper. "No real paper" demolition compensation reporter visited found in Ganhe village, similar to the "house of cards" is not only a place, many local villagers have built this house "". "It’s too dangerous!" Law enforcement officers said that such a "house of cards", as long as the wind a little bit bigger, can be blown away, and go up, is always on tenterhooks. Why should the villagers choose to build this "paper room"? In this regard, law enforcement officials said, compared with the general "illegally built brick structure, paper room is cheap, 100 square meters of the" house of cards "the price is only 7000 yuan, while the ordinary brick structure building, 100 square meters of construction cost will be more than 50 thousand yuan. "The purpose of building" paper room "is to get the same compensation as the legal house." According to the district planning branch of law enforcement personnel, regardless of illegally built will be removed, and will not get any compensation.相关的主题文章: