Guizhou provincial military commander in Anshun Army division Yao Junyi Retired Military Channel –

Guizhou Province, Anshun military military division commander Yao Junyi retired Sohu in the Military Channel text with map: Yao Junyi (in). On the afternoon of November 17th, the Guizhou provincial military command announced that the Anshun military district leadership adjustment command meeting. The provincial Party committee, the provincial military commander Wang Shenghuai read the notice of the Ministry of national defense mobilization of military command on the approval of Comrade Yao Junyi and Zhou Jin, retired Party comrades working in Yaojiang adjustment. Party secretary Ceng Yongtao attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Anshun Army division commissar Chen Gang presided over the meeting. Wang Shenghuai in his speech on behalf of the provincial military region Party Committee on the work of the Anshun, comrade Zhou Jin in the military division of the has given full recognition, and a brief introduction of the basic situation of the party. Wang Shenghuai for the current work of the provincial military region stressed the need to effectively strengthen the study and implement the spirit of the six plenary session of the political consciousness. To learn, to carry out, and to promote the spirit of the plenary session, is an important political task of the current and future period. To understand the significance of Marx’s theory of Party Construction from the rich development, to understand the significance of the establishment of the leadership of the party central position, from the consideration by the two party regulations on important significance to recognize, from the party nineteen Congress has laid a solid foundation to recognize the great significance. Study and implement the spirit of the plenary session, is to guide the party members to actively respond to the call of the party, Party members to keep in mind the first identity and as the first duty of party work, stimulate the political enthusiasm, cohesion strength, will do all the work, do not forget to early heart, forge ahead, with outstanding achievements to greet the convening of nineteen party. Two to strengthen the positive wind Su Ji determination will create a favorable political environment. Comprehensive strictly, is a distinct theme of this plenary session of the six. Passed the "guidelines", the "Regulations", highlighting the CPC Central Committee, the decisive victory of anti-corruption core strategic intent strategy determination and a year tight, increasingly stringent. The process of carrying out the two laws and regulations should be the process of returning to the fine tradition, the process of political ecological restoration and the process of rebuilding the prestige of the party. We must work closely with the reality of the army, further highlighting the problem oriented, deep fine according Dusing, thorough rectification rectification, reforming political ecology discipline, reshaping the troops. Three to strengthen sustained and steadily promote the mission of building a comprehensive unit to play. To study and implement the spirit of the important speech President Xi series of annual joint examination, assessment, grasp the "four new" construction achievements deepen transformation, consolidate the good momentum of development in the army construction division. The new adjustment of the team members to forge ahead, deeply understanding the main responsibility of the Party committee, the officers of the first responsibility, seize the key a few members of the team, in strict accordance with the principle of democratic centralism to organizations and individuals, collective leadership and individual responsibility and other important relationship, team daily operation and decision implementation specification. A member of the party committees, to keep reform concentration and reform to self-confidence, inspiring spirit, high spirited, full of passion into work, down-to-earth, diligent in their own posts on the construction unit, to complete the task well. Ceng Yongtao on behalf of the municipal government in his speech to thank the provincial military Anshun military construction and development of the care and love, thanks to Comrade Yao Junyi and Comrade Zhou Jin, welcome party comrade Jiang yao.相关的主题文章: