Hainan Island coast environmental remediation, looking back, there are still many rounds of the woun-chompoo araya

Hainan Island coastal environmental remediation "look back" multi round rectification still have "cut" – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Haikou, August 29: multi round rectification still have "cut" — Hainan Island coast environmental remediation "look back" Xinhua News Agency reporters Wang Cunfu and Wu Maohui, 1823 km of coastline known as the Hainan international tourism island "family property". Since the second half of last year, the Hainan provincial government composed of 6 inspection teams to carry out coastal protection and development of special inspection and comprehensive rectification work. Reporter recently found around the island, although after several rounds of inspection and rectification, but there are still being eroded, pollution and destruction of coastal. Hainan to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the coastal zone, Hainan, Wanning island is a national marine ecological nature reserve, since the end of last year, Wanning Island fishermen started to move. Reporter recently saw in the island, the island has more than and 100 households from all continents have been placed, the island "island" management. This protection originated from the Hainan provincial government began to form 6 inspection teams to carry out the coast of the province’s 12 coastal counties, 1823 km of coastline with a special inspection of the protection and development and comprehensive rectification work from the second half of last year. Special inspection problems were found in 805 cases of illegal construction, including illegal land, illegal construction, illegal sewage, illegal deforestation etc.. The inspection also found that the lack of effective planning of coastal zone planning, some coastal resources over exploitation and long-term idle land and other issues. Informed that the land development intensity within 200 meters of the coastal zone of Qionghai was 39.48%, more than the level of the developed coastal provinces and cities; the number and amount of coastal cities and counties shocking illegal approval of coastal zone management regulations; policy is not perfect. After the examination, Wenchang city has organized the demolition of R & F? Moon pool, Luneng offshore project? Qishui Bay Mediterranean project 16 simple recovery room, flat beach Harbour Plaza Longwan sea area; Sanya city launched more than and 40 illegally built project demolition program. Hainan provincial government recently organized an inspection team to carry out coastal protection and development of the 12 coastal cities and counties to look back, to strengthen the coastal protection and development of special inspection and rectification results. Part of the coastal zone is still being destroyed, pollution along the coast of Hainan Island with reporters recently conducted field survey found that despite repeated inspection and rectification, but some regional coastal zone there are still illegal occupation, indiscriminate digging abuse, illegal construction of real estate projects, destruction of coastal forests, sewage directly discharged into the sea and other phenomena. Violation of the construction of real estate projects, developers will not renewable coastline as the best selling point. Reporters visited the scene found in the vicinity of Hainan Lingao Lingao County, a real estate project of the building from the beach to 100 meters, the site workers are still under construction; in the vicinity of Changjiang County Qiziwan, a number of real estate projects in the main hotel is built directly on the coastal forest, coastal forest was torn over a hole, global? Qiziwan Grand Hotel La Playa project among them; in the city of Wenchang Bay, the KWG property construction of real estate projects, directly to the coastal areas of large coastal forest is cut down, leaving a large tree crop and half have already started building space. Some enterprise.相关的主题文章: