Han Duli game was supported by a large number of Chinese players to thank micro-blog qqzb.cc

Han Duli won the game a lot of game player China support producers micro-blog thanks Sina game news November 19th news, before the date of an Steam platform independent game "Replica" update new information on the page, turned out to be the producer to thank all China fans, the reason is to get a lot of love and support China game player. "Replica" producer to express gratitude to Chinese players, "Replica" is a mobile phone and social media to promote the form of interactive text game. A mobile phone with unidentified owners is handed over to you. Under government coercion, you must break through the main account to seek evidence related to terrorism and. Also need to investigate the use of telephone records and social media retention information. Spying on other people’s privacy via mobile phones will be a crazy experience that will transform you into one of the nation’s greatest patriots. The "Replica". But this game maker Somi is a Korean, in order to express his gratitude, also deliberately follow game player advice, opened a micro-blog (@IndieSomi), although not Chinese, but through Google translation by Chinese and fans to communicate and interact, so the style is slightly adorable.相关的主题文章: