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Harbin white-collar workers the average monthly salary of 5728 pre tax petrochemical industry’s most profitable online games recently, Zhaopin according to the Harbin competition in the workplace, analysis of online recruitment data and white-collar resume, "released in the autumn of 2016 in Harbin white-collar employer demand and supply of talent in terms of data and analysis". 1 the stationery industry’s most competitive financial and secretarial posts the most competitive recruitment online in fall 2016 data show that Harbin area competition index ranked the top five in the industry, office supplies and equipment industry competition index was the highest, followed by the logistics industry, again for the biopharmaceutical industry. In addition, the real estate construction materials engineering and durable consumer goods (apparel textile leather furniture appliances) industry competition is more intense, the competition index into the Harbin area of the top five. 2, the financial secretary post the most competitive Zhaopin online data show that in the autumn of 2016 in Harbin the most competitive occupation is the financial audit of Taxation, human resources and administrative secretarial. In addition, civil engineering renovation of municipal engineering and senior management competition is also more intense. The flow of financial audit, tax administrative secretarial, human resources, senior management is relatively weak, the post supply quantity is limited, so the job competition is more intense. A new round of the real estate market boom, making civil construction decoration municipal engineering career continues to maintain a competitive state. 3 petrochemical industry average monthly salary of $9847 in Harbin in the fall of 2016, the average salary of white-collar workers in the period of pre employment tax of $5728, ranking the top 34 cities in the country’s thirty-third. Specifically, the petrochemical industry, the average monthly salary of 9847 yuan, followed by cross operating, for $9501; once again for the online game industry, for $9001. Pay distribution of the ten high paying industry (unit: yuan)相关的主题文章: