Hateful! A Fuzhou man was beaten to the chess scam norton disk doctor

Hateful! A Fuzhou man was beaten to the chess scam in November 3rd, Fuzhou Jinniu Mountain Park near the overpass, someone set of chess, a man crossing the road to expose the scam was beaten, the Hongshan police station involved in the investigation. The day before yesterday, the netizen said in a news release, "see four or five people pull a young man in the bridge, I went to help the group, on the left temple was suddenly punched." After the incident, the user went to the hospital for examination. The reporter learned from the Hongshan police station, 3 at noon, police received a report that Huang young men, was a strange man beaten. The police after a preliminary investigation, the case in front of Jinniushan Park under the overpass, Huang after, to see people playing chess on the roadside stall, attempted fraud of a young man, then stepped forward to expose the scam, but was beaten to the strange man. The police retrieved surveillance video, please identify Huang, the police will step up inspections to find suspects. Subsequently, the reporter learned from the police tower, since the beginning of the year, Gulou police have busted five or six gangs in the crowded area near the hospital, stall fraud, these gangs are mostly to draw, chess and other means of tempting bait fraud Bureau, sometimes even for robbery, mostly gang members have fraud, robbery convictions. Gulou police will intensify the crackdown against these gangs who commit crimes. At the same time, the police reminded the public that the street stall scam, please dial the alarm number, protect yourself, avoid being against criminals. (Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: