Have you ever heard of water efficiency indicator Buy toilet washing machine is also an indicator – ca1290

Have you ever heard of "water efficiency indicator"? Buy toilet washing machine also has an indicator – home appliances – People’s original title: heard the water effect logo? Buy toilet washing machine also has the index recently drafted by the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of water resources, State Quality Inspection Administration of "water efficiency labeling management approach (Draft)", is to seek the views of the public. Once the implementation of the approach, consumers do not need to listen to the merchants to buy water products when the flicker, just look at the official certification of water mark on it. Insiders said that consumers in the purchase of toilet building materials, household items must refer to the logo or standard, in life and in use will be more comfortable and safe. Water products or will be the subject of "water efficiency rating" so-called water efficiency labeling, and now actually people (50.320, 0, 0%) have the habit of "energy efficiency rating" logo is similar to that of water efficiency labeling is attached to the water product information label, used to indicate the product water efficiency rating, water consumption and other performance the purpose is to guide users and consumers to choose water-saving products. Draft, said the country’s potential for water saving, the use of a wide range of water products to implement water efficiency labeling system. The national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of water resources, the State Quality Inspection Administration and the CNCA formulated and promulgated the "People’s Republic of China implementation of water efficiency labeling of the product catalog", determine the water efficiency standards product scope and basis. Where the products listed in the catalogue shall be marked in the obvious parts of the product or the smallest package of the product, the product shall be indicated in the product specification. For the network transaction, the Seller shall display the corresponding water mark in the eye-catching position of the product information display. Insiders said that this means that after the purchase of toilets, washing machines and other water products, you can refer to the identity of the purchase of water-saving products. Buy toilet auxiliary 3C certification in addition to have more good water products, toilet and some auxiliary customers tend to be ignored. Bathrooms are high moisture, high frequency of use of the place, the auxiliary difference is easy to rust, corrosion, and even cause security risks. Shanghai city recently issued Industrial and Commercial Bureau bathroom quality sampling results, a failure rate of 33.3%, the main project is the failure of earth, power connection and external flexible cords, input power and current, structure, signs and instructions etc.. "Integrated ceiling electrical appliance is the key." The industry to remind consumers, Yuba is national mandatory safety certification of products, namely "3C" certification, in accordance with the provisions of the national 3C certification, each type of Yuba should have 3C certification; before buying to electrify test run, switch to view the function of Yuba is normal, the heating effect is obvious, lighting ventilation is normal, there is no jitter and noise; and then check the packaging and accessories. In addition, in the choice of integrated ceiling is also optimistic about the aluminum gusset material. Aluminum buckle is not as thick as possible, formal manufacturers choose to use high-quality aluminum in 0.5-0.6 mm, using native substrate as raw materials; some of the market recovery by the gusset plate aluminum, contains many impurities, rust corrosion, surface)相关的主题文章: