Health care industry, health care industry in China again warming related investment opportunities

Pharmaceutical industry: health China again warming concerns related to investment opportunities in Societe Generale Securities released in October 28th bio pharmaceutical industry research report, the report is as follows: Investment points recently, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the "" health Chinese 2030" plan", and issued a notice requiring all localities and departments to earnestly implement the actual, we comments are as follows: the top-level design further refinement, establish the strategic position of health: the health Chinese " 2030" plan formally promulgated, is another important policy event following the August meeting of health and health and the Political Bureau of the Central Committee for consideration by the program, the " " Chinese again; health; concept of people view, also means that the " " Chinese health; strategy; formal landing and implementation. The outline of the plan for the final clear strategic goals and main China health indicators, nuanced (including to 2030 the average life expectancy, infant mortality, the resident population per thousand practicing (Assistant) a total of 13 indicators of the total size of the number of physicians, health services, and from ");; popularization of healthy life, health services, optimization to improve health care, building a healthy environment and the development of health industry " five aspects of the health Chinese 2030 strategic task. At the same time, continue to emphasize the people’s health on the strategic position of national priority development, the health into all policies; adhere to the prevention, control, combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, Chinese medicine to promote the complementary and coordinated development; in rural and grassroots focus on achieving universal health coverage. As you can see, " health China " is not just a slogan, but rose to the major strategic task of national priority status, is expected to follow with the landing and implementation of policy, industry will usher in an important development opportunity. Hot topics are expected to ferment, actively concerned about the investment opportunities: from the outline of the relevant provisions of the pharmaceutical industry and related terms, the scope of policy considerations has not only limited to the treatment of this disease. 1, "); combination of prevention and cure, universal health care, medical grade " will be the future of the medical field need to focus on promoting the work, the Medicare payment reform, commercial health insurance and treatment policies to promote it is the focus of attention; 2), " & quot; adhere to both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine; for Chinese medicine services (such as Guoyitang) and the traditional Chinese medicine industry development set the tone. 3, improve the relevant requirements of drug supply security system, will provide a guarantee for the pharmaceutical industry in the field of circulation concentration and the development of new formats. 4, optimize the diversified medical pattern, the development of new forms of health services, is expected to promote China’s private hospitals, individual clinics, rehabilitation, pension, physical examination, chronic disease management, such as the full prosperity of the health industry. We expect the short term, due to the impact of policy catalysis, the market for the pharmaceutical sector will still be higher degree of concern. However, considering the health of Chinese " " theme market has pre fermentation, related stocks have also been movement, although from the long-term angle.相关的主题文章: