Hebei many people crossing the road in case of excessive risk of excessive security measures to prev-3u8547

Hebei many people cross the street in a car accident insurance defensive security measures – such hidden variable hat is very dangerous to drive. The public – Shi Wei told reporters yesterday sunny, many drivers put down the sun visor, and wearing sunglasses and baseball caps to resist glare. This is a security measure to prevent accidents, but I do not know, excessive defense can become a security risk. Yesterday, Dongfeng Road, an accident, because the driver will be too low pressure caused by sun visor. Prior to this, the public Ms. Xu also called the newspaper, a driver because of the low sun cap, blocking the signal light, almost on the zebra crossing Ms. Xu hit. At 7:50 yesterday, Dongfeng Road, a school outside the door to send the child’s parents are gradually dispersed. With a harsh sound of the brakes, Ms. Xu riding electric car was knocked down to the ground. "Excuse me, are you all right?" The car stopped, the driver immediately came down from the car, while apologizing, while holding up on the ground of Ms. xu. Ms. Xu looked at the arm rub wound, could not help but blame the driver did not look at the road. Driver Wang explained that he did not see the road, but the sun put some low, and so on to see the king and then stepped on the brakes, it’s a bit late. "The light is too dazzling, according to the eyes uncomfortable, with the sun visor is for safety, did not expect such a thing." Wang finished, immediately with her arm to the blood of Ms Xu to a nearby hospital for treatment of wounds. Coincidentally, the public Ms. Xu a few days ago almost hit by a car. 14 pm the same day, Ms. Xu Yuhua Road and via the street intersection, from south to North from the zebra crossing and walk across the street. At this time, the direction of a car suddenly rushed to Ms. Xu rushed over, regardless of the red light ahead. Ms. Xu panic, the car suddenly stopped at her side stop. When the car has touched my legs, scared me." Ms. Xu said, now think of that scene still haunt. She bear looked up and found that the driver is a lady, wearing a hat with a brim long. The driver is also very scared, she said an apology because blocking the front brim lights, not to see the red light, it almost hit Ms. xu. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter observed in the Dongfeng Road and Green Park Street, many drivers use the shading plate, also wear a hat a few drivers. A traffic police said that these security measures are not used properly, will cause a security risk. He reminded the public that the National Day holiday approaching, we drive out, should take this as a warning, to wear a hat or use the sun visor, blocking the sun at the same time not to block the line of sight, grasp the angle, to prevent accidents.相关的主题文章: