Hefei plans to sell 17 plots of land in the second half and then push up to 5000 acres of land-660003

Hefei plans to sell 17 plots in the second half of 5000 acres of residential land purchase deal after landing, the second half of Hefei will increase the supply of land, and the developers get to set up more stringent conditions, October 17 plots listed to become the industry’s focus. September 30th years ago, the land market in Hefei on the market will be sold in October 17 plots of publicity. Total land area of 1083.813 acres of these plots, the total price of $3 billion 313 million 721 thousand and 200. Among them, 2 cases of Feidong, Chaohu 2 cases, 3 cases, 1 cases of new high tech, Binhu 1 cases, 4 cases, 1 cases of Feixi Changfeng, Lujiang 3. The transfer of land in Changfeng County, a 318.766 acres of big. This is one of the 4 plots of land in Changfeng County launched in October. The 4 block, 2 cases of pure residential land located in Shuangfeng Development Zone, 1 case of commercial residence located in the water town, the other 1 commercial and residential land located in the north of the city office sector. The North do plate Changfeng CF201612 plots located in the north east of Mengcheng North Road, Fengze Road, covers an area of 318.766 acres (26.392 acres, 292.374 acres of commercial housing), commercial and residential planning purposes. The reference price of 3 million 200 thousand yuan per mu, 600 million yuan bid bond. This plot set up a number of restrictions, such as the construction of junior high school, primary school, kindergarten, etc.. But also the construction of an open area of not less than 68.7 acres of open parks (investment shall not be less than $800 square meters) and the area of 26.688 acres of an area of the center of the neighborhood of 1. These need to be submitted to the local government. The new station is also the transfer of regional hot land this month. In September just sold a new station in the 3 plots, October and even push 3 cases of pure residential land, the vocational education in 2 cases, seven city plate Tang plate 1 cases, a total area of 210.71 acres. The new district vocational education sector launched 2 cases of conjoined residence — the new station, the new station area XZQTD210 plots XZQTD211 plots. Analysis of the industry, according to the purchase of the new deal in October Hefei land auction market should be a great change. According to the "opinions", Hefei will further increase the residential land (land, primarily residential residential water supply efforts, the same below) this year in the urban areas to supply 5000 acres of residential land, to the city’s residential land supply over 10000 acres. In the planning and design, the main city of 90 square meters of small and medium sized new commodity housing accounted for not less than 50%, to meet the rigid demand, taking into account the need to improve. In addition, bidder registration to participate in the urban area and Feidong County, Feixi County, Changfeng County within the scope of residential land auction bids, each only involved 1 residential land bids. During the period of January 1, 2012 to transfer notice issued by a new sales record, housing a total construction area of less than the total capacity planning of housing sales volume meter total construction area of 60% real estate development enterprises, since January 1, 2016, residential land supply has achieved more than 20% of the total residential land real estate development enterprises shall not participate in the city were temporarily J.相关的主题文章: