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Henan intends to three years of investment of nearly 5000 million to build infrastructure built three Zhengzhou airport depot Zheng Xu high-speed EMU – standard fully equipped for reporter Liu Jianghao Wen Pingwei photography core tip | three years 60 major projects, investment of nearly 500 billion yuan. This group of sparkling investment data, is the province of 2016-2018 to plan to complete the big head infrastructure projects. The reporter learned from the transport sector, in order to achieve steady economic growth in our province to provide basic support, our province has formulated the "major construction of traffic infrastructure in Henan Province three year action plan implementation plan" (the scheme). The data | within three years in our province "open water" project investment of 496 billion 520 million yuan in the future three years, our province traffic will get a big round of investment, after this round of investment, will be a clear and perfect "road map": the basic completion of developed aviation network, railway network, efficient convenient highway network, basically completed in Zhengzhou modern integrated transport hub and logistics center, the formation of various modes of transportation are closely linked and high cohesion and complementary functions of modern comprehensive transportation system. According to the plan, our province this round of investment, the time from 2016-2018, intends to focus on promoting the railway, highway, waterway, civil aviation and other 60 projects, projects involving a total investment of about 496 billion 520 million yuan, 2016-2018 plans to invest 255 billion 990 million yuan. Talk about the introduction of the program background, the provincial development and Reform Commission pointed out above, the action plan for major projects in the province issued a traffic infrastructure for three years, in order to play a prominent role in the transportation infrastructure in our province, to promote the steady growth of investment, adjust the structure of the." The railway | will timely start Yuntai Mountain intercity railway line in recent years, our province is the railway especially high-speed rail across development period. The program is also included in the 18 projects with a total investment of 285 billion 490 million yuan. The reporters found that in these projects, including just the opening of the operation of the Zheng Xu high-speed railway has started, Zheng Wangao iron, Zhengzhou to Hefei high-speed rail, also including the upcoming allwork Zheng Ji high iron and iron Zheng Taigao, and Commercial Co Hangzhou high-speed railway. Soon, on Beijing, Ning Xi, three iron and other projects will be planning in our province. Two freight railway, has also been included in the three year action plan, including the already started construction of the West Inner Mongolia to the central railway, the line is coal freight railway, via the province Sanmenxia and Nanyang. There is a SANYO railway. The province is divided into two sections. The program pointed out that to promote the coordination of Bo Yu railway reconstruction project, construction of the Sanmenxia Yuzhou railway, to create "six vertical and four horizontal" trunk railway freight network. In September 19th, Cheng Kai City to extend the line has started construction, in the past three years, the inter city railway, the province will start the construction of Lankao to Heze, Zhengzhounan Railway Station to Dengfeng to Luoyang, Jiaozuo to Jiyuan to Luoyang City, and timely construction of the Yuntai Mountain branch, Xinxiang Jiaozuo intercity. This period of time, will also accelerate the construction of the Xinzheng airport to Zhengzhounan Railway Station intercity railway, built in Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 phase two, Zhengzhou to the South Fourth Ring Road, Zhengzhounan Railway Station suburban railway, speed up the Zhengzhou Metro Line 3, line 4, line 5 construction. )相关的主题文章: