Henan major universities, rivers and lakes nickname out of a university Liang (video)-e2140

Various universities in Henan, "wild nickname from a university on Xiao Bian recently find the network spread a group of China offbeat appellation about the names of universities, many well-known colleges and universities are offbeat interpretation, momentary burst of red network. Ridicule, contains all the students for their alma mater 189799. Come to Henan crowd of several major universities, what is your alma mater "nickname"? — Career Technical College Henan University Henan Agricultural University Zhengzhou University Zhao Gou – Tokyo the Yellow River homeland comprehensive arts training base and high yielding wheat production in the research center of Henan University of Technology – Department of food science and engineering Henan University of Science and Technology Zhengzhou Lotus Street with Henan Normal University Henan Mechanical Bearing School of urban and rural teachers training base in Makino, the Central Plains land Wei River base of Henan University of Economics and Law – technology market financial personnel production center of Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautics Industry Management – Ji Cheng Zhen Miao Zhang Aerospace Institute of Henan University of TCM, the waterway disease slow cure sanatorium of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry – Henan Polytechnic University golden daily supplies manufacturing talent training base, Wang Wushan coal workers training Xinxiang Medical University, Makino health care center, Xinyang Normal University,, the center of the Central Plains teacher training base! The other, too talented mechanism: Peking University: "Old Summer Palace Career Technical College" or "Zhongguancun College of Arts and Sciences of Tsinghua University:" Wudaokou Polytechnic Institute "or" Wudaokou University of engineering and technology "and" Wudaokou man ": Career Technical College Renmin University of China Beijing Normal University second central Party School": "Jishuitan Normal College of Beijing Sport University: the first Asian Youth sanatorium: Beijing Institute of Technology" Weigongcun auto repair service station of Chinese People’s Public Security University: "China dictatorship tool production plant of China Agricultural University:" Haidian breeding farm ":" China University of Petroleum Petroleum Corporation school University of International Relations: "Beijing" China National Security Bureau Training Center of China Foreign Affairs University: Exhibition Road gas station Affiliated School of Beijing Language and Culture University: "the central United Front Work Department sub Our "non pull Beihang University:" China PLA Second Artillery Corps technology research center "and" Wudaokou computer school "and" Xueyuan Road small plane practice base of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications: "Mingguang Village High School Affiliated to University of University of Science and Technology Beijing:" Beijing Tianjin Tangshan region for steel workers training College of Communication University of China: "the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee reserve cadre training center", second affiliated university Union Medical College in Beijing: "Wudaokou Polytechnic Institute Dongdan training base of Beijing Foreign Studies University:" slaughter "Anti Japanese military and Political University Chinese Russian brigade" North Second: South Korea Beijing School University of International Business and Economics: Sun Palace women’s Occupation Technology College of Beijing Jiaotong University: Beijing Metro Corporation Xizhimen branch: two North Road of China Medical University medical school or a small peace Medical School of Capital Normal University: Beijing high school junior high school teacher base size: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine East Huajiadi University Minzu University of China: Weigongcun halal food training base of Beijing Wuzi University: Li Deng Jia Yao Cun University and Beijing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture hospital: a good day school of Central Academy of Drama with two groove相关的主题文章: