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Her mind, special person you listen to? Sohu today this "special you", is a friend of a friend of the point of the song, to give her own heart to the special person. She left a message in the background, sharing a small corner of her heart, where something happened, some emotional fluctuations. This is what she wants to say to someone saying: "I don’t know you can’t see, we have no contact for 4 days, a few hours. Have been used to see you every day looking through the East West information is still not in? Every day you have to ask a few questions on the answer book, or very interesting, completely living in my own world, a person playing the role of two people, funny. Every day to listen to your songs, thinking together experienced things, sometimes I really want to do not understand why someone will contact for a short time, but how will I keep in mind the deep-rooted feeling. I haven’t figured out, we are too much like? Or do you know me? Or are you really my shadow? The woman derailed a variety of situations in which marriage: first, marital discord; second, there is no passion between husband and wife; third, had a very depressing, but I think I do not belong to these situations, I in marriage love a person is very normal to everyone before my husband said, just want to put this love you can give action. But for you, I don’t get any distractions, to tell the truth this feeling really is the first time there, perhaps is really very pure love feeling so unforgettable." And he wants to say to you, "the heart of man is not bound by slavery, though I do not know what is happening between you, I can see that you have been moved. But there are many they regret the world, the end is decided to go there, and it is a kind of perfect. Brand in the bottom of my heart, sealed for a beautiful memory, can do, is that you have to live very well, he has to live well, nothing more than that." May you all be well! < there are worries that can tell wood > I am still wood, still on earth, with you!相关的主题文章: