Hey kid Jiang Wenli Li Xiaoran played on human joys and sorrows-superrecovery

"Hey kid" Jiang Wenli Li Xiaoran played on Jiang Wenli Guo Xiaodong Li Xiaoran Liu Tianzuo poster world and posters Qi Xi Han Qing posters Sina entertainment created by the famous director Yazhou Yang to Jiang Wenli, Li Xiaoran, Guo Xiaodong, [micro-blog], [micro-blog], Liu Tian Zuo Qi Xi [micro-blog] and Han Qing power star starring popular niche Zheng Kai [micro-blog] especially in "Hey, kids", will be held tonight (November 7th) landing Zhejiang TV Chinese blue theater. "Hey, kids" to the topic of children as the focus, to show all sorts of topics spicy, sharp and profound in real life. On launch day, the film side more blockbuster release a group of children to help launch wars "poster. "Hey, kids" tonight "twins launch, war Posters Released drama" Hey, "children of the upcoming 19:30 tonight officially landing Zhejiang TV Chinese blue theater. While the show has been on the same day, a group of "twin wars" Poster Released sharp topic. The latest poster to the "baby" as the core element, the continuation of the "Hey," a group of children in the form of CP, each of the posters, Fang couples have children appear to catch on. Black Jiang Wenli, and Guo Xiaodong became the atmosphere, warm male sweater. Li Xiaoran, Liu Tianzuo’s poster is a thick pink atmosphere, two different temperament, but very understanding, people on the couple, couple file full of expectations. Qi Xi, the yellow sweater is beautiful and playful, and her partner Han Qing suit vest "poker-faced" warm male Milo met a beautiful girl, have not the same chemical effect. In the poster, the three couples try to finish their own children. Yazhou Yang Jiang Wenli Li Xiaoran, focusing on hot spots, interpretation of human joys and sorrows "Hey, kids" is the famous director Yazhou Yang’s latest masterpiece, with a great reputation as the emotional drama director Yazhou Yang, who directed the "beautiful feet", "Empty Mirror" "family" "Jiufeng romantic thing" and other film and television works, also won the Golden Eagle Award, the Golden Rooster Award and many other awards flying award. Last year, his work, "Hey, old man," was a success. This brings the hey, kids, still concerned about the reality of life, it is worth looking forward to. In the lineup, Jiang Wenli, Li Xiaoran, Guo Xiaodong, Liu Tianzuo, Han Qing, Qi Xi of six powerful actors starring Zheng Kai, a popular niche special star, let the stars shine. In the aspect of the story, the drama of the three couples around the children caused by a variety of wonderful stories, Jiang Wenli and Guo Xiaodong as a loss of independence for the middle-aged couple, shadows of the marriage of two people as the shadow follows the form, let the twists and turns; fashion female Lord Li Xiaoran and Liu Tianzuo play the broadcast and the fitness coach, a female strong male weak spicy story, is also the birth of the trouble trouble, marriage is also very careful; Xi Qi and Han Qing is created for the old wife, a child is not around past a threshold…… In addition, the consequent loss of independence of the family, asexual marriage, hidden marriage, young and old, marriage and other topics of violence are very practical significance, will bring the audience is not the same feeling and inspiration. TV drama "Hey, kids" by the Xi’an Qujiang spring harmony Television Culture Co. Ltd., Beijing light media Co.)相关的主题文章: