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Hey, not enough! To the world’s best surfing destination farewell summer (original title: 12 paddle surfing destination, stepped on the summer’s tail) lead: there are some places to live on the tail of the summer, hurry! (source: USA Today) is also called the paddle paddle surfing upright, originated in the United States of Hawaii, in recent years gradually swept the world. What are the warm beaches in the world for surfing the sun? The Colorado devils thumb farm (Devil ‘s Thumb Ranch) standing across the surface of the water at the oars on the floating plate feeling is the one and only. Especially suspended in the Rocky Mountains Scenery intoxicating water, surrounded around the blooming flowers, pure Mongolia package and snow covered peaks. The coach learning yoga is the vertical paddles, keep healthy skills. Maldives Hu vadu Atoll (Huvadhoo Atoll) in Maldives Hu vadu Atoll, you can stand on the paddle floating in the pure virgin atoll as above. 30 feet of water can be seen on a clear day. If you take snorkeling can also hear parrot fish, nibble reef sound, see dolphins, turtles and fish. Fort Lauderdale Florida (Fort  Lauderdale) here paddle surfing place very much, from the city’s 20 acres of water up to the park at the Coastal Waterway along the coast enjoy the luxury villa. There are other manatees watching tours, travel at night, vertical paddle yoga classes and fitness classes. The deer (Deerfield Beach) is the best beach, a picnic on the beach, can pick up shells. In Florida, Merritt Island (Merritt Island) at night, along the river in the beautiful scenery of the banana paddle, a single celled organisms called dinoflagellates of the disturbed a light, produce luminous effect. Looking forward to the encounter manatee, pelicans and countless fish, paddled out floating Shuian villa, it is a smooth and shocking experience. Arizona lake Powell (Lake Powell) your background is 96 magnificent Hongshiyan Valley, countless caves around, trickling streams into almost unreal blue lake. Powell Svatn is the focus of boating, rowing and a rubber boat, but not crowded, it is the second largest artificial lake. Take a sandwich and have a picnic on the lake! Don’t forget to bring the camera, here is the "planet of the apes" and "gravity" of the location, you will want to record this impulse to conceal the other worldly beauty. Delaware Dewey Beach (Dewey Beach) on the beach into the water, a paddle floats through the arrangement of the shore road delicacy stalls, until Thompson island and Cape Henlopen State Park, where to see the dolphins. If you visit in spring, you can also observe the horseshoe crab spawning and shore bird migration. Hawaii Kauai (Kauai) on the water board paddled out along the Lu (Wailua River) and Asia, the sleeping giant mountain is your background. Here is the only state stretches the waters of a river to allow navigation).相关的主题文章: