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Hilary campaign manager on CNN: you don’t know anything! – Sohu news from the November 8th U.S. presidential election day only 9 days, the story mutation! With the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) 29, announced the resumption of the sudden mail door investigation, Hilary this is the negative news finally to catch up with the trend of the United States, swept the mainstream U.S. media. The face may cause serious injuries, the Hilary camp also seems to be anxious, 30, Hilary’s campaign manager Podesta (John Podesta) was known as "Hilary TV" nickname CNN interview, in front of the frowning host asked loudly: "you don’t know anything!" According to the observer network previously reported, FBI director Comi (James Comey) 29 said, the new FBI master part of the mail or Hilary and had to use private server "mail" related to the investigation, so need to restart the investigation. 30 in the morning, CNN in a "state of the union" (State of the Union) program visited Podesta. CNN the host asked what he thinks about the event on the FBI, suddenly announced to the investigation? Podesta said:   Podesta thinks he should check whether the so-called Komi information related to "mail" incident, instead announced plans to restart the investigation, but the CNN host frowning said:   but Podesta with emphasis to interrupt each other: however, Hilary may be a little comfort. According to the observer network quoted U.S. media analysis, local time on October 30th, the Nevada Secretary of state issued a report that shows in an open vote early in second weeks, the Democratic Party registered voter turnout was 7 percentage points higher than the registered Republican voters. For the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary camp, this is a good news, because if they can win the state of Nevada, as long as the coup in a democratic state case, even if Hilary had lost the swing state, the other can win the election.相关的主题文章: