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Holtzman tribute to the teachers’ day, give me the teacher with a good point?? today is teacher’s day once a year, each in their own posts on the hard work of teachers, in their own holiday. This weekend, the major business for teachers’ day have different levels of promotional activities, Holtzman is no exception. Teachers’ Day gift, Holtzman is serious. ???? Let our teachers live in ecological home?? it is because of the teachers of the enlightenment, when the original ecological environmental protection concept can be formed, from water saving to build eco homes, teachers inculcate make ecological root in our hearts. Therefore, we have to give the most ecological products to the teacher, so that we live in the ecology of the teacher’s home, for them to create a unique ecological space. Daily work to rush about teachers at home can finally enjoy the wonderful experience of ecological products. Not only that, Holtzman ecosystem wooden door simple product design style, but also to play a role in easing the pressure to varying degrees. ?? The first stage of teacher’s Day coincided with Holtzman eleven activities of the ending period, seven activities help our teacher to easily purchase the ecology, enjoy life. Before entering the shop of the teachers do not have to worry, dear teachers virtue is not a short duration of time, our activities are not the only teacher’s day, No. 16 forward shop, can enjoy the same preferential, waiting for you to take a variety of red. Do not forget, today to buy Holtzman’s teachers, there is an opportunity in the 16 day, to win a maximum of $4999 free single prize, in addition to mobile phones, sweeping robots and other gifts waiting for you to take! (Note: this activity is limited to the Beijing area)?? I gave the teacher a gift, must be healthy?? in order to express the occupation teacher’s respect, Holtzman of course in the teachers’ day a good gift to send. As ecological wooden doors, smart bracelet was developed, has become synonymous with health, sports records, sleep detection, heart rate detection and other functions let us in the era of Internet real-time attention to their physical health. The smart bracelet as a teacher’s Day gift, but also to reflect the love of Holtzman brought to the teachers. On the teacher’s day, teachers can only rely on teacher’s license and 2014 purchase contract, you can get a free smart bracelet, do not have to buy a wooden bracelet. In order to let the teachers have a happy festival, Holtzman is also very spell! Look at the bright smile on the face of the teachers, Holtzman to all the world teacher said: teacher, you have worked hard!相关的主题文章: