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Hong Kong stocks short-term or continued to shock consolidation – Beijing – Societe Generale Securities (Hongkong) Zhou Hanhong the past week significant adjustment at the beginning of last week, tiaokongdikai plummeted more than 800 points, followed by repeated trial of 20 antenna about 23250 near the day, even to rebound fatigue, accumulated down 764.11 points, or 3.17%. Go back to try the short-term material at the end of last month consolidation near the platform about 22800 points to 23200 points, investors are advised to temporarily take a more conservative bargain hunting strategies. Peripheral markets, the U.S. stock market continues to fluctuate, still waiting for the Fed’s interest rate meeting results. Mainland last week released macroeconomic data better than expected, but the A shares have not been much help, last week before the Mid Autumn Festival holiday market weakness, wait and see atmosphere thick. In Hong Kong, after "black Monday" index after the crash, the subsequent market stabilization. Hong Kong stocks on Sunday were trading at about HK $73 billion 600 million, compared with the previous week declined. Derivatives market, the average daily turnover of more than HK $9 billion 200 million last week, cattle bear card day turnover of approximately HK $6 billion 500 million, with little difference from the previous week. The Hang Seng Index CBBC cash flow, as of Wednesday the past 5 days, cattle permit a net inflow of funds of about 5 million 600 thousand Hong Kong dollars, at the same time, bear also received approximately HK $115 million net inflow of funds. Street goods distribution, the cattle permit Street goods distribution in the recovery price of 22500 points to 23100 points between the region of the night street goods totaling the equivalent of about 2480 futures contracts; while the Hang Seng Index bear overnight Street goods mainly concentrated in the recovery price of 23600 points to 24600 points, equivalent to about 3520 period contract. Trade flows over the past week, more money, pay attention to the network media sector stocks, the relevant subscription card to get a net inflow of funds of about 45 million 300 thousand Hong Kong dollars; in addition, A shares ETF sector inflows of funds chasing behind, the relevant subscription card approximately HK $13 million net inflow of funds to deploy multiple warehouse; exchange plate see pupil dispute, the relevant certificates put the card and received a net inflow of approximately HK $2 million 500 thousand and HK $3 million 700 thousand of funds; the mainland insurance stocks see cash funds profit of approximately HK $43 million 100 thousand subscription card appears related to a net outflow of funds. Implied volatility index warrants, warrants generally rise, to three months post price of OTC options as an example, the implied volatility rose 2.1 points to 18.5% amplitude, the implied volatility of state-owned enterprises index rose 2.3 points to 23% stock volatility; plate, network media stocks rise 2 extension wave amplitude; A shares ETF sector volatility increased by approximately 0.1 to 0.2 amplitude; Exchange Sector volatility increased by about 2.6 points in insurance stocks volatility; volatility increased from about 0.5 to 2.5 amplitude point. The use of CBBC short-term deployment, is the most important factor for the quality of the issuer. Investors can analysis the issuer offer quality from four aspects, to provide a number of products? A sale price, the sale price of the issuer to provide a product more, investors are more likely to find a line with their ability to bear the risk of the products; the average buy two, product selling price, the average sale price)相关的主题文章: