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Hongkong Ancient Architecture Conservation History carved into the daily – Beijing building is the texture of the city, by each story, time to hit the building mottled mark, and shared memory architecture carved into the city people. In Hongkong, nearly 1500 historical buildings, each of which is recorded in a section of the Yangtze River, is the most realistic urban development history. Therefore, the work of the history of the building for Hongkong, not only to give the old floor to the new, but also the whole city to the next generation of cultural gifts. Hongkong legal history of building the old Wan Chai post office, built in downtown high-rise adjacent to nearly a hundred years (photo: Wu Yujie) ancient treasure every subdivision rating traces the history from fishing village to the modern city, Hongkong development of high speed and good adaptation, Chinese and Western culture, the ancient traditional kinds of elements, the city can be well absorbed into this unique character, the city, you can find traces in different historical buildings. Chinese red? Temple, Haw Par Villa and European style architectural features of the "Lei Chunsheng", these old buildings are in different historical periods and cultural city "hard", Hongkong is unique and irreplaceable tangible resources. Half a century ago, Hongkong "the Antiquities and monuments Ordinance" came into effect, the city’s historic building was first systematic protection. Now, Hongkong has established a historical building rating system, according to the ancient buildings of historical value, architectural value, rarity, condition, group and social values and other factors, in each category of cultural relics rating. The Advisory Committee of Hongkong antiquities monuments chairman Lin Xiaolu introduced, before the historic building rating mainly in 1945 before the pre war building, with people increasingly attach importance to "collective memory" of historic buildings, such as a group of Iowa building housing, Shaw Studios studios and other "new monuments", because the significance of building its own and with the characteristics of Hongkong, have also been incorporated into the scope of rating. "In addition to the legal history of architecture, the other is not limited by the rating of ancient architecture in the renovation, demolition, the purpose of our rating is to let the public know, to the construction of historical value, not to let the buried in city development." Hongkong’s historic buildings are small, the fallen star clouds in the natural harmony between the edifice, become a part of the street. So, how will the ancient forest area scattered together, form a historical and cultural atmosphere, build cultural landscape, has become the focus of conservation work on ancient Hongkong. "The trail" came into being, through the "trail" series from the distribution in the same area of historic buildings, convenient visitors tour along the monuments, to understand the development and evolution of the area, now known as the "Wan Chai Heritage Trail" and "Heritage Trail" and so on, are examples of success. From save to let activation of old building reborn recommended to visitors in Hongkong HKTB travel line, "conservation, inoculation, in Hongkong local culture" of the line is very special: "in the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC) in the manual creation, on Rao Zong Yi culture museum to enjoy lunch go, converted from the old house into a pre war Chinese medicine health care center" thunder up ")相关的主题文章: