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Hongkong female student stabbed a married man case: five defendants convicted – Beijing, Beijing, November 11 Xinhua Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily" reported that Hongkong a married male by a young female student WeChat Jian Yuanchi, was stabbed in our case, the trial judge ruled welsun high women school support all four assault and a convicted criminal intimidation, real time also held to 1 next month, when the family background, mental and psychological doctor sentenced inspection report. The defence was the five court begging letter, one for the pro essays, "although the content emphasizes the relationship between me and Mr. Zheng’s violation of morality and ethics, but I live in, put a heart without reservation". Gao Weixiong award refers to the relationship between the 37 year old victim and defendant Zheng Baiyao hide, the court does not accept what he said two people after breaking up the pure relationship between male and female friends, no sex, otherwise the victim to the 29 year old is still not the defendant issued a number of WhatsApp, including "I miss you very much. Can’t stop thinking of you (good miss you, can’t stop thinking of you)". The judge said that after looking at all the evidence, the victim was white underwear stained red, the car also has a lot of blood, clear that the injury is not light. The victim was stabbed seven knife, should be a sense of extreme panic, he recalled the incident when it accepted some details not remember the scene, evidence and forensic results also support the claim. The defendant and the victim’s injury was caused by non self struggle. The prisoner was on the phone to Zheng mother threatened not guarantee complete return to the victim, the judge meant this obviously is to make Zheng Mu frightened, so all five convicted convicted the defendant. The barrister Luo Yinggan argued that the defendant has a college degree, graduated from law school associate, the attending Baptist Hospital Nursing School in the first year. The defendant’s 63 year old father is a retired civil servant, the mother of the age of 55 is a housewife, suffering from asthma and high blood pressure and so on, as a single woman at home, the defendant is the spiritual and economic pillars of their parents. The defense that the defendant because the victim does not want a child, but reluctantly abortion two people still continued after each other, showing the defendant of the victim’s love is deep, the defendant’s actions not premeditated, but unexpected events. I hope the court to consider the victim has fully recovered, the defendant also has multiple injuries, this case is a tragedy. But the judge said the defendant stabbed the victim within a short period of four degrees, I don’t believe that short sentence of imprisonment. The court heard that in January 12th this year, the victim to the Sheung Shui apartment, left by the 8 defendants to "long knife from stab sword 4, crawling 400 meters to take the car to the victim, the defendant then inserted a knife, when the defendant drove his return to the defendant in the car when the Tseung Kwan O, and stabbed a knife, arrived at the Ming, when the defendant sitting on the leg and face the victim with a knife inserted.相关的主题文章: