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Hongyuan pharmaceutical market two illegal bill cooling board making the rich concept of poverty alleviation micro Shiqiang Beijing reported trainee reporter Jiang introduction insiders believe that the Commission’s policy is the main channel of the arrangement, not because of poor areas and enterprises are enterprises reduce the motherboard, gem, three new board issuing and listing (listed) standard therefore, does not change the listing program (listing). In September 13th, the National SME share transfer system a notice once again the recent hot stocks to poverty alleviation in the teeth of the storm. The announcement, by Hongyuan Pharmaceutical (831265.OC) on 2015 issued 79 million yuan no real trading background notes, and semi annual report in 2015 did not truthfully disclose relevant matters, the share transfer system decided to give an appointment to talk and ordered to correct self regulatory measures on Hongyuan pharmaceutical. Hongyuan pharmaceutical is to meet the registered address and office address in the 592 poverty-stricken areas, and one of the few companies have released IPO counseling announcement conditions. In fact, in September 9th the Commission published "opinion China Commission on capital markets play a role in service of national poverty alleviation strategy" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), expressed support for poor areas of enterprise financing through the multi-level capital market, and the poor areas of enterprise IPO, three new board listing, issuing bonds, mergers and acquisitions and other open Easy Access. The concept of poverty alleviation has spawned the first wave of the market shares. However, the bill is Hongyuan pharmaceutical enterprises listed the concept of poverty alleviation opened a corner problem of an iceberg, when the market return to reason, the movement to create rich will be cooling. The data show that there are 592 state-level poverty-stricken counties (districts, cities). In the new three board 8988 listed companies, a total of 131 companies registered address in poor areas, 115 companies registered address and office address are in poor areas. In addition to Hongyuan pharmaceutical, NPU mills (834947.OC), root stress (831067.OC), run Technology (831565.OC), Department of Chinese medicine group (832513.OC), swan textile (832622.OC), cat (833389.OC) money and other 6 registered address and office address in the 592 poverty-stricken areas of the listed companies have been released IPO counseling announcement. The Commission of the new deal the first trading day after the release of the third market, many enterprises try to meet the conditions of the stock rose. In September 12th, 16 the city’s poverty alleviation stocks rose across the board, of which the root stress (831067.OC) the largest increase, up to 76.52%, followed by Lvjian Shennong (831851.OC) rose 65.54%, Hongyuan Pharmaceutical (831265.OC) or 65.44%. However, in September 12th, Hongyuan pharmaceutical announced that prompted the risk of abnormal stock price fluctuations, "said to the Hubei regulatory bureau submitted the IPO filing counseling material has not been submitted for approval. The company’s IPO success, when successful, there is still significant uncertainty". At the same time issued a major issue of stop相关的主题文章: