How long do you sleep everyday to sleep more than 1 hours a week on wages rose 5%- public channel (v christie stevens

How long do you sleep everyday is enough? The study says sleep more than 1 hours weekly wages rose 5%- public channel reference news network November 15th U.S. media reported that people know that sleep related to job performance. A person in a week vacation, work performance will be very good; but if a week around the clock, would be powerless. According to the United States, "Washington Post" website reported on November 13th, it is well known that sleep will affect the attention, memory and cognitive skills are the elements of the workplace. But the latest research results show that the increase in sleep has a high monetary value. Williams Matthew, · Gibson and Geoffrey at the University of California San Diego · Shi Lei ray analysis, health and sleep tracking business data from Jabra, they wrote a paper called extra sleep time can be transformed into tens of thousands of dollars of wages. In fact, according to their calculations, more than one hour of sleep a week is more than half the rate of a year’s education. It’s not that simple. Don’t think you’ll make more money if you start sleeping more. This is the result of the interaction of various factors, including how people arrange the pace of life, how much time can be used to sleep, how it will affect the performance of workers and ultimately affect their income. To investigate the effects of sleep on wages, the researchers took advantage of a natural experiment, the time of sunset in the United states. Previous studies have shown that people who fall earlier (in winter, for example) tend to sleep longer, even if the person does not go to bed until after dark. An hour late at night will reduce the night’s sleep by about 20 minutes per week. In the same time zone, there is a big difference in the sunset. For example, Maine, Michigan, Maas Hill and ontonagon are in the eastern time zone, but the sunset to about 1.5 hours earlier than the latter. Since the workers of the eastern and western side of a time zone should not be much different than the amount of sleep, the researchers used the change to calculate how much sleep had to do with wages. They found that an average of one hour of sleep a week would increase wages by 1.3% in the short term, rising by over a long period of time by up to 5%. If it was an hour before sunset, workers would earn more than $1570 a year. These differences in wages will eventually be incorporated into the local economy. The researchers found that high wages will actually translate into high prices. Sunset time an hour earlier than the average price of the county’s average 6% to about $7900 to $8800. The researchers note that these wage differentials are not directly caused by sleep. Some can be attributed to the cumulative effects of others. If you’re surrounded by workers who are slightly better at getting better sleep, it may make you more productive. Research shows that sleep is an important determinant of productivity and wages."相关的主题文章: