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How much do you think about the role of social network data credit – Sohu technology huge credit market demand and sparse data separation caused by financial institutions and credit risk control on the dilemma. With the development of the Internet and digital technology, the conditions of the enterprise began a wide range of credit services, and most of the private enterprises is the largest social network data credit rating. Social credit has its own role, but the role of how much? Does not seem to reach the level of the expectations of everyone. Its role is probably accounted for only 5%-10% industry analysts said that at present, the social network data as a weak variable data, its role in the big data credit limited. The use of artificial intelligence and big data startups star bridge data chairman Dr. Ding Zhuo said: "in fact, the credit data in social credit to do a 360 degree user portrait description, which accounted for only about 5%-10%. For the assessment of the financial industry, these data can not be used as a direct evaluation reference." At the same time it credit CEO Jiang Qingjun told Lei Feng (search for "Lei Feng network" public concern), massive big data and personal credit is the actual data of the so-called Y variable can link is very weak, this data is not easy to obtain, the modeling data is not enough, and certainly not easy to develop maturity assessment model. Furthermore, how high are the data on social networks? We as the main force of social network users, deeply aware of state and comment on the interaction with friends, micro-blog, most of the real space can be attributed to the sensitive "soohyun sun", then the machine according to the characteristics of reference set to extract the credit institutions to get the data, the real user portrait of the resulting object is the result of? In August last year, foreign social networking giant Facebook launched a patent – involved in social data reporting: when a user to apply for loans, lenders will review the user social network friends credit rating. Only if the average credit rating of these friends has reached the minimum credit requirement, the lender will continue to handle the loan application. Otherwise, the application is rejected. Prior to this, Alibaba’s launch of the credit card is also in the use of gold chain, consumer behavior as a basis for assessing the level of credit. Domestic credit Tencent, general manager Zheng Haojian recently also describes the Tencent to explore Internet credit construction, the company mainly rely on big data and artificial intelligence technology, social data’s WeChat and QQ nearly one billion users based on credit, the structured data, text classification, LBS data, social network the spread of mining user portrait description. However, there seems to be a successful case of social credit. The above example, the Facebook approach is the "the Atlantic issue" commented that "suspected loan discrimination" because of its one sidedness: some critics believe that this patent to reproduce the history of the famous "loan discrimination" approach: "Facebook want to refuse the loan on the grounds of your friends list". This is also one of the people in sesame credit applications"相关的主题文章: