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Business If you’re considering renting a projector for the first time, you might feel a bit overwhelmed in determining which projector to rent. Read on to see just how easy it is to select the right projector rental for your presentation. First, consider the environment. No, projectors aren’t harmful to the environment – we mean consider the presentation environment (the room or facility in which you’ll be presenting). How much ambient light will be present? If you’re presenting at a trade show, you can count on bright lights and plenty of ’em, which means you’ll likely need a high-lumen projector. The same is true if your presentation will be held outdoors during daylight hours or under bright sunlight. A 3000-lumen projector shines extra-bright, offering vivid color saturation and crisp image projection even in the brightest of conditions. If you can somehow position your display screen in the shade, it’s all the better for participant viewing. Alternatively, if you’re presenting indoors, odds are there will be at least some ambient light (to assist your attendees in note-taking, finding their way out of the room to take a call or use the bathroom, and to help you maintain eye contact with the participants). Generally speaking, if the room is exceptionally dim (almost completely dark), then a low-lumen projector would suffice (though this is rarely the case). Most presentation environments feature dimmed ambient light, which makes a 2000-lumen projector a wise choice. Next, consider your audience size. Approximately how many people will be in attendance? The greater the audience, the bigger the required image for viewing. The larger the image, the higher lumen count that is required to maintain clarity of the images. Small to mid-size audiences are well-served with a 2000-lumen projector, while larger audiences (100+) require a 3000-lumen projector for crisp, clear image projection. Finally, consider the purpose. Specifically, what kind of material are you presenting, and in what format? Highly detailed charts or graphics may require higher lumen counts, while less detailed images and large-font text are well served with a 2000-lumen rental projector. Before you rent a projector, be sure to find out whether or not the unit is HD-compatible, if you plan to present highly detailed graphics and charts. Additionally, whether or not you plan to incorporate video or moving images can become a factor in the decision whether to select a 2000-lumen or 3000-lumen rental projector. If in doubt, check in with the rental projector company to ask for assistance in deciding which projector to rent, and expect them to ask you about the three factors covered in this article: presentation environment, audience size, and type of material being presented. Good luck and have a great presentation! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: