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How to spend the least money to buy iPhone7 Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! How to buy the flowers iPhone7 / the least money: trainee reporter Ding Chen iPhone7 has started officially on sale, although there are a lot of changes to make all the fruit powder Tucao, but still could not withstand the temptation of the new machine, how to spend the least money to buy a iPhone7? Staging purchase rate of 0 many of the bank’s Credit Card Center launched a series of interest free credit card installment fee concessions, such as China Merchants Bank 12 0 0 fee, minimum of about 449 yuan a month, no cost, fruit powder can be avoided for "Nephralgia" is easy to get a new machine, or very cost-effective. In addition, from now until December 31, 2016, China Merchants Bank, China Merchants Bank cardholders in the apple online store area, Apple Store official line retail stores, designated operators (including online mall) and other 4 channels, the user successfully handled a single 5000 yuan more than 12 installments, can also receive life in the palm 100 yuan Apple Pay compensation package. The specific rates are listed in the table on the official website of Apple bank payment by installment periods as follows: the minimum bank 3 period 6 9 12 300 – 0% industrial and Commercial Bank of China Merchants Bank 6001.03% 1.8% 2.75% 3.58% 5001.2% 1.9% – 3.7% of the Agricultural Bank bank direct cooperation with Apple’s official website, not limited to iPhone7, the consumer can choose any apple products in Apple Store online store, but online purchase products reach the minimum amount before they can apply for installment payment service, such as China Merchants Bank 300 yuan, 500 Yuan Agricultural Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of 600 yuan, the highest limit order stage for 150 thousand yuan, the cardholder must apply for instalment service in Apple’s online store or by specifying a credit card online mall to jump the apple online store. But the bank’s credit card limit for the stage, at least higher than the amount of the purchase of the product. A 32G capacity of iPhone7 is priced at 5388 yuan, the cardholder must have at least about the amount of the purchase can be carried out in installments, if the amount is insufficient, can only be considered to apply for a temporary limit to the Bank of the. China bank cardholder can board the "smart shopping mall" iPhone7 area "official website price 12 installment of interest, also support the integral arrived now, 500 points = 1 yuan, the highest single does not exceed the amount of 10%, commodity prices to smart shopping mall to the public shall prevail. Guangdong Development Bank launched the official website shopping mall price 24 0 interest rate concessions, 32G iPhone7 matte black each minimum 224.50 yuan 7Plus, the lowest 266.16 yuan each, is worth 50% points, a single mobile phone shell and tempered film also presented. But this kind of theory相关的主题文章: