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UnCategorized When a child is still growing up there are so many thing that they can be taught that it is almost hard to believe that some children cannot do the basic things that other children can do very easily. One of the many thing taught to children is how to read. But sadly enough some babies grow up unable to read even their names. Teach your baby to read using these simple techniques. The most important thing to know is that the younger a child is, the quicker they learn. Of course they will be difficult at first but this is the fact of the matter and it is totally unavoidable. When the baby is between the ages of 12-24 months. At this age a child is more conscious of his environment and would have grown up to such a point where he is more than ready to be accepted by society. Be exciting and happy when you start teaching your baby reading skills. Naturally children love fun activities and anything that is boring and serious distracts them beyond control. Make learning fun and they will be very easy to teach and tutor. But if you do not use music, fun and games the child will lose interest in learning how to read and even in learning completely. Before you get into the core details of teaching the young infant reading skills there is one important piece of information to be learnt. Children have an extremely short attention span that is easily distracted by small things like sounds and pictures flashing past a television screen. So the place for learning must be free of all these obstacles and at the same time fun to be in. Start off the learning process with word cards. Word cards need not be bought because you can always look for manila paper, a magic marker and pictures. Take the manila and using bold words start out by writing the simplest of words. Do not get more complicated than what you think the child will not be able to handle. The words on the paper must also be bold, large and well written in bright colors. Children find it hard reading small words and symbols and when doing so they get easily distracted. So to avoid this use bold words. Something else that also corresponds with this is the pictures that go with the words you have written down. Attaching pictures whilst they learn is good for their memory retention. And when they do come across a picture of what they learnt before you should be surprised that they picked up on that. And when you pronounce the words be slow and take your time. Being rushed can lead to the awful situation where the child becomes negative to learning. After having gone through the single words the next step is to go through a combination of words. Repeat this process until you are actually constructing entire sentences and him reading them. One important thing is that you do not rush the infant, a few minutes every day are enough. About the Author: When Urgent Care Clinics Are Preferred Over The Er By: Shirley B. 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