Hubei prisoners escape three guards during hospitalization in the ward and

Hubei prisoners escape three guards in the hospital ward and nursing right: Lei prison photos. The day before yesterday morning, the 4 floor of the Hanyang hospital, a hospital in the treatment of the age of 45 prisoners Lei Jun, escaped from the hospital. Insiders said, Lei Jun of admission for kidney stones surgery, will be discharged. Adjacent patients said, did not detect any abnormal sound in the early morning. Currently, the police are still hunting. The day before yesterday morning around 2:00. According to a staff member of the hospital, the morning news has spread throughout the hospital WeChat group. Because the incident in the early morning, not many people on duty, the specific escape process, not many people know. Yesterday morning, the reporter learned at the hospital, Lei Jun is from the hospital outpatient surgical ward floor 4 floor 408 escape. His bed number was 21 before he escaped. A hospital staff confirmed that the patient has been admitted to hospital for three or four days, due to kidney stones admitted to hospital for surgery, will be discharged. Usually, there are two or three guards in the ward and nursing. A hospital patient told reporters that she had lived in the 408 ward, about three or four days ago, the hospital informed her that the ward to live prisoners, arranged for her to live in other wards. She had seen the prisoner did not seem particularly fierce. Heard that the prisoner escaped, living in the adjacent ward of a number of patients have expressed surprise: two in the morning, we did not hear a strange sound!" Yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the 408 ward, the ward beds have no patient, the room is empty, the window of the door and window added and did not leave traces of destruction. After the incident, the police see the surveillance video in the hospital ward where the urology outpatient surgical floor hall and in hospital, yet found Lei figure. It is understood that the escaped prisoner named Lei Jun, 45 years old, Chibi people, in 2007, because once the theft is online pursuit, then again in 2009 alleged contract fraud was controlled by the police pursuit, at the beginning of 2010. In the same year, due to contract fraud was sentenced to 11 years in prison, was commuted in July 1st this year, the current Yu Xingsan for seven months. Lei Jun height 181 cm, weight about 75 kg. Medium size, when the upper soil grey collar prison escape in prison dispensed clothing, wearing four horns vertical striped underwear. Lei escaped, police in Chibi in 24, came to the home city of Chibi Pu Lei spinning osmanthus tree community, find the Lei parents. Lei Jun said the parents, Lei Jun has been divorced for 7 years without a home. That hospital of Lei borrow escape, Lei father said, if he will alarm the Lei home. Hubei provincial prison administration staff yesterday told this newspaper that the police are currently trying to arrest the criminals. Provincial Prison Administration hope that the public to actively provide clues to the public security organs, the prison department to help arrest fugitives, to provide valuable clues or direct capture of the fugitives, will be rewarded in accordance with the provisions of the state. It is understood that the Wuhan city police overnight transfer to see surveillance video, Lei Jun has locked the escape route. Lei Jun escape after a taxi to escape to Wuchang, arrived near the Wuchang Railway Station opposite the hotel sailing away.相关的主题文章: