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Hui ball technology (600556): back on the rebound, retail focus! Sohu financial wisdom ball technology (600556) earnings forecast: hot disc unit. The company’s financial situation there are certain risks in the past 10 trading days, the stock market trend is clearly losing the market, the average level of the industry run. The unit pressure of 16.57 yuan, support of $16.29. Short market, is currently in the rebound phase, investors may be appropriate attention. In the last 5 days the stock capital outflows are much lower than the industry average, 5 total outflow of 654 million 115 thousand and 200 yuan. According to statistics, nearly 10 days the main no kongpan. The stock has been below the trend line, but the main funding has been out of the stock market, so the attention is very low, because there has been no trend in the main capital outflow, so, the stock of money effect is also not low, not only is this stock, investors in the operation of the stock after the encounter such stocks have to be careful. Yesterday, the stock is not only a firm trend line support, and there is a trend back to the trend line support rebound, so now at the bottom of the appropriate attention. Hui ball technology (600556) investment advice: short-term trend: the stock into the bull market, the larger the probability of short-term stock price rise. Medium term trend: in the rebound phase. Hui ball technology (600556) late detailed operation strategy can add my micro signal: xh18800 (Bing Xin) exchange.相关的主题文章: