Hunan 1 bridges built for the past 6 years into a honeycomb expert Ping

Hunan 1 bridge piers built 6 years into a "honeycomb" expert Ping Anquan original title: expert assessment of Hunan Cili Lishui bridge pier "honeycomb" the overall safety of the Xinhua News Agency Changsha November 12th new media news (reporter Yuan Ruting Bai Tiantian) reporter 12 from Hunan Cili county government to understand, according to popular part of Lishui River bridge pier pile surface shedding the problem, the third party testing institutions and expert group preliminary assessment that the main defects of bridge is part of pier pile has obvious necking, reinforcement and other diseases, but the overall in a safe range. At the same time, the county decided to start the maintenance of the bridge as soon as possible, the initial plan to maintain the duration of 2 months. Hunan Cili Lishui bridge pier "honeycomb" not long ago, a group of Cili County of Lishui bridge like "honeycomb" pictures circulated on the Internet, questioned the existence of quality problems. Reporters on the scene saw the pile outside the Lishui River bridge built of concrete 6 years off, exposed rebar, attracted a lot of local people crowd. Reporters learned that the Cili county government quickly sent to the scene investigation, study on disposal measures, and specially commissioned third party inspection agency — Hunan linkwise Bridge Technology Co. Ltd. (Comprehensive highway engineering quality testing) for quality and safety testing, and hire a number of well-known experts on the bridge in the bridge site inspection and demonstration. The results show that the strength of concrete samples are satisfied with the design requirements, and the displacement, settlement and cracks of the bridge are not found. Combined with the special inspection report and the pile design unit of pile quantitative analysis and checking of defects, the expert group preliminary estimates that the current bridge in a safe range. At the same time, experts believe that the current bridge pier on the river bed exposed part of the ground above the pile has obvious necking, reinforcement and other diseases, the main reason is the pile periphery (steel cage outside) concrete containing uneven mud or clay, resulting in its low strength, and failed to timely removal in the construction is completed, which is the flood caused by erosion and other factors. An expert involved in testing, told reporters that the existence of defects in the pier does not necessarily mean that there are quality problems. Cili relevant person in charge, in order to ensure the safety of the bridge and the subsequent operation of the design life, will be as soon as possible necking, exposed tendons column disposal. During the maintenance period, according to the provisions of the bridge at both ends of the establishment of the load limit signs, is strictly prohibited overloading vehicles (55 tons and above) pass. At the same time, Cili county also said, will be in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the city road and bridge maintenance and establish a long-term management mechanism, conduct regular monitoring, investigation and risk of the bridge, to ensure safe use. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: