Hunan doctors were injured family members of the hospital medical staff asked for severe punishment

The Hunan patient’s family doctor was stabbed to the hospital medical staff request punish – Sohu news Hunan Loudi City Hunan coal hospital director Zhang Zhipeng in 2 was a patient’s family with a dagger stabbed right after the chest. The pictures are from the network on November 4th, Hunan Loudi City, Hunan coal hospital director Peng Hongli to surging news (Zhang Zhipeng) confirmed that the surgical director of the hospital in 2 by family members of patients with a knife after the right chest, serious injury, was rescued in the characteristics of life is stable; the suspects have been detention public security. According to Peng Hongli revealed that the suspect, 43 year old Liu Zichang, unmarried, had been in the hospital to take care of the father liu. Liu father in the hospital underwent prostate surgery. After the incident, the spread of the hospital to the hospital on behalf of all the medical staff to the Lianyuan municipal government, political and Law Commission, the Public Security Bureau and the guardian Planning Commission issued a request. "Letter of request" request "the law strictly and promptly punish the perpetrators, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of medical staff". In this regard, Peng Hongli confirmed, and said, medical injury occurred in the case of no dispute, the hospital medical staff were very angry. Peng Hongli said, in November 2nd 9, doctor Zhang Zhipeng in the office routine check medical records, a prostate surgery in the surgical patients’ families (Liu Zichang) came to the office, asking the patient’s bed the doctor where. "Zhang director asked a ‘what do you find him’, then he (Liu Zichang) took out a dagger stabbed over." Peng Hongli told surging news. The request, the book also describes the scene: "director Zhang Zhipeng immediately fell to the ground, and then the murderer thrust second knife, but fortunately was operation room anesthetist named Xiao Zhenyu parry. The murderer stabbed to Dr. Xiao Zhenyu, surrounded by the medical staff to control, took the weapon in the hands of the murderer, and the murderer fled." After the incident, Zhang Zhipeng was rushed to the resuscitation room, was diagnosed as: (1) thoracic trauma, open hemopneumothorax (2) pulmonary contusion (3) traumatic shock (4) on the right side of the diaphragmatic muscle and right hepatic contusion (5) peritoneal pneumatosis (6) peritoneal effusion and so on. For wounding motives, Peng Hongli believes that there is no sign, and then the other relatives of the patient also said it was very strange, because there is no contradiction before." Zhang Zhipeng, director of surgery for the hospital, not the patient’s surgeon, nor tube bed doctor, the suspect had not had an argument with Zhang Zhipeng. However, Peng Hongli also revealed that, after understanding, two days before the incident, Liu Zichang has suggested that ward with another patient than his father recovered better after the doctor’s communication, Liu Zichang has expressed its understanding. Peng Hongli said that as of noon on November 4th, after the rescue, Zhang Zhipeng vital signs are stable, but the condition is still more serious. Liu Zichang has been detained by the public security department, admitted that the injured doctors, and expressed regret for their actions.相关的主题文章: