Huzhou a large theft gang was the scene found more than and 200 pieces of battery terminal-stellarium

Huzhou a large theft gang was end more than and 200 days before the batteries were found at the scene, Huzhou Wuxing police after nearly two months of Mopai visits, investigation, destroyed a large electric vehicle battery theft gang, all 5 members were arrested, while the recovery of stolen battery more than 200 pieces, involving a value of more than 25000 yuan. So far, the city’s theft occurred in a series of electric car battery case cracked. After the gang theft crazy battery, since the careful investigation target in September this year, the Longquan area have occurred more than theft of electric vehicle battery. After further investigation found that the theft of electric vehicles in the same period in the area of the police car was a high incidence of the trend, the highest one day received a similar police situation more than and 10, the location of the incident is mostly residential areas. Electric car battery was stolen, although the value of the case is not, but the masses are most concerned about is the case. Wuxing branch quickly from the criminal investigation department dispatched police Zhuangan, collaborative Longquan criminal investigation police to carry out case investigation. The ad hoc group in conjunction with the Bureau of the combined operations center, the selection of nearly 10 key parts of electric vehicle battery theft alarm by carding and analysis. Through the video patrol, police in the center of the scene periphery successfully captured image data from theft of electric vehicle battery suspects, but also to grasp the laws of their crime: the evening from 18 PM to 21 PM, cross Gang driving electric vehicles for targets of crime in the lake city residential area, directly after stealing stolen goods, stolen goods not overnight. At the same time, the police found that the gang modus operandi of judgment is likely to be more skilled, thieves, and other relevant information and the transfer of the comparison. Video surveillance, information comparison, site investigation, survey visits…… After a month of careful investigation, a gang of Henan membership theft of the electric vehicle battery into the task force line of sight, to confirm the identity of the gang members also confirmed the judgment of police: wie (female, 40 years old, Henan people) for the theft of battery has been detained two times, xiaomou (female, 38 years old, Henan people) in 2015 with the battery theft and was sentenced to probation, wie and gang members or even husband and wife xiamou! Subsequently, the hidden was confirmed in the dojo village of G rental received stolen goods, the suspect Wang (male, Anhui) are identified. Staring secretly to keep the attack through the line to find out the gang members successfully captured the basic information and the foothold, the task force prepared to meet the challenge, dare not have the slightest slack, waiting for the opportunity to be the number one. November 2nd at 6 am, Longquan police station in the monitoring of the screen to see the gang members Xia, wie driving a battery car appeared in the area near the important points. They might want to do it! In order to avoid the task force troops act rashly and alert the enemy, three road, in addition to video surveillance, a road surface follows, a road ahead lurking in the received stolen goods near the point of waiting, ready to make a sure catch. Night 9 pm, near Xiamou, wie group with 5 stolen battery in the village of G Wang rent, they look around warily, as usual and then knocked on the door of the house. Subsequently, the other two gang members and has brought into focus xiaomou a stolen battery for stolen goods. "The police are not allowed to move!" The Scout suddenly appeared, let the four men are ignorant, flee Huangbuzelu, eventually people.相关的主题文章: