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Hardware I can’t believe I have 3 laptops. How did that happen? Where was I when this happened? I cant use 3 laptops, so what was I thinking? I’m sitting here looking at all the money I have tied up in these laptops and it amazes me that I could do this. I have to sell my laptop, will one of them at least. See if I can recoup some of my money. I wonder what type of money I can get for a used laptop. Which one will I part with, my Acer or my H P? I’ll keep my Lenovo because it’s my new one. Will to me it’s new. Now days anything over 3 months old are old. How’d we get to this? A 3 month old laptop is not old to me, have we lost our minds? Look at the waste. I guess most people keep them as long as they can … from what I can see they only last for about 3 years anymore. I have an IBM in my closet that is 19 years old, it’s not a laptop, it’s a desktop and it still works. So how did we get to this point? It would not be happening if people like me would not keep buying them every time something new .es out. That’s not entirely true. Let’s not put all the blame on us. The .pany’s are pretty greedy the way they work us. So what do we do about it? Wait until it’s impossible to get online because they keep upgrading everything and forcing us to upgrade our pc? I believe for the most part, they could just put this "stuff" out there all at once instead a little at a time. But what of the profit that would be lost in forcing us to keep upgrading our pc’s to keep up. Do you know that Lenovo is made by IBM? I didn’t, I thought IBM stopped making pc. I found out they did stop making personal .puters and were only doing .mercial stuff". Then they decided to get back into the game. I guess they saw how lucrative it had be.e and decided to go for it. When I heard that Lenovo was made by IBM it was a no brainier, they make killer pc. IBM is a trust worthy .pany and won’t go the route the other ones are. My Lenovo will be sitting in my closet with my desktop years from now. Which one am i going to sell? My laptop is very personal, you get pretty attached to them, and at least I do. Then theres all the "stuff" I’ll have to remove that I’ve been putting off for later. So I guess later has arrived, huh? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: