If you don’t let the children suffer, the world will make him bitter-candy boy

You do not let the child suffering, the world will make him very concerned about the public number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: refer to the 1 political and business in the old age, all honor and money is a good-for-nothing as trassient as a fleeting cloud, and children, enough to make you life bleak. The education of children there is one thing that is absolutely essential. That is hardship education. In particular, there are boys at home, this can not be less. Because a man is destined to play without fear, you don’t blame him no sense of responsibility, is he not iron shoulder, to go with what? Can not endure hardship, after all, is to make people around hardship, he also bitter. And this effect is a lifetime. Look at the two old men in our village. When you look at them before you walk through, you will feel the years rush, life is only a few ten years! In our village, the two old man, a young cannot endure hardship, all by his wife to get together. A 50 year old man was a careless and casual look, outside work, three days fishing nets two days of drying, do not play a few times, say bitter. Then ride out for poker, fishing, Kan quackish sea, the day does not go home, the village does not have how many people like him, he went to play outside the village. And the old wife? Every day in the vineyard work, summer season wrapped clothes in the sun hat, weeding and fertilization, dozens of pieces of money earned. Because the cost of a family for a year, the human exchange is also a lot of spending. It is not enough to rely on a few pieces of land. Old wife called home to raise food, exposed to the weather under the face often cracked like old bark, the hand is big and black. We all thought she was bitter, but she didn’t seem to feel it. There is not one family, the old man is doing things every day, work outside the home, one family had a moisture free, go outside and stand upright and respectable. Hard work is not terrible, labor has dignity. Love needs the freedom of the air 2 many people grow up to become a pair of their own do not like the appearance, are growing up from the root of the broken. Family education, especially the concept of parents is the key. We’ll find a very strange phenomenon. A family if there are several brothers and sisters, if there is an older sister, the last one is a brother. Most of the brother is not bitter, not tired. Because childhood parents are painful, failing to cover my sister. Many parents in middle age, more cherish as a pearl in the palm. A little attention, parents love Libra toward the small tilt. One of my colleagues, but also often father hurried to send money back to build a house to marry a wife, brother. Many parents do not want their children to eat a little bitter. They live frugally spoil the child, the results of their own life all let the children to tie. A mother once said that her husband had a brother who was spoiled, now 26 years old, from相关的主题文章: