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In autumn, the mother crab fat; Chanzui eat, OK? Sohu maternal photo from the network now use "chowhound" to describe themselves are more and more, citing the word seems to become a full of his praise. After all, in the long years of the long river, eating is also a long history of culture. I had seen a piece, said one of the most important elements of Chinese cultural elements in "eat", and with evidence: a living called life, post called "jobs", employment called hunfan spend savings, called rest on our laurels, well called "eat". Describe a woman called "pretty popular beautiful enough to feast the eyes", called "popular", by the care called "eat special treatment", hurt called "suffer", shilly-shally called "sure", called "a profound understanding of a thorough grasp of the spirit"…… This does not, but also to the chrysanthemum yellow crab fertilizer in autumn season, "eat" again referred to the desktop, the "eat" is a theme: crab. Speaking of the autumn wind, crab foot itch; chrysanthemum open, smell the crab. The annual 9-10 month is full of yellow crab oil, fat and tender flesh, delicious flavor, is a year the most delicious season; so it is said to eat crab gourmet "autumn as the most solemn". At this time, but it is difficult for a more special group – quasi mother. In women during pregnancy, there will always be many taboos, especially in terms of diet, it can not eat, don’t eat it, so that the mother is always at a loss, dry pharynx slobber said. One of the two most famous taboo: can not eat crabs, can not eat rabbit meat; the crab is skidding food, can let the baby eat meat into three mouth. Must have been heard by many expectant mothers. I just remember when I remember the arrival of the two treasure, it is mid autumn festival. Family reunion together, the Steamed Dazha Crabs house aroma smell. I just get ready to reach out to drool with envy, because "the crab is skidding food" the reason was to stop. So, during pregnancy can eat crabs? Can not eat meat? The picture from the network is now on the pregnant mother can not eat crabs have few concentrated statement: 1, crab is cold, with Qingrejiedu, promoting blood circulation and eliminating phlegm. A large number of pregnancy eat too cold food, prone to abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, will cause fetal irritability, serious can cause miscarriage. 2, crab body prone to parasites, if not cooking, parasites enter the pregnant mother body, bad for your baby. 3, crab feeding in the process of feeding a large number of oxytocin feeding, the hormone composition of pregnant mothers and Tai Baobao body are negative. 4, crab contains a large number of high protein, high amino acids, high cholesterol, adverse fetal growth. Pictures from the network experts said, there is no need to mention the crab smell of pregnant women. It is not a scientific basis to say that the crab is a slippery tire. In the clinic, abortion was not found to be related to any normal food. Online abortion of pregnant women to eat certain foods lead to abortion, and personal fitness related. For example, heterologous protein allergy in women after pregnancy, if a large number of eating high protein foods such as crabs, prawns, fish, animal offal, these fifteen.相关的主题文章: