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"In July and she" cry original author   we saw that she was crying very at ease — entertainment channel — original title: see her cry, we are assured by Peter Chan, producer Xu Yuezhen, directed by Derek Tsang, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun starred in the movie "in July and she" will be in September 14th the national release, the film yesterday made the first media preview in Beijing, producer Peter Chan and director Derek Tsang unveiled the reporter interviewed. Compared to the original, the film version of the do a relatively large change, but after the preview media generally give good evaluation, especially as "July" and "she" played Ma Sichun Dongyu Zhou in the movie "the tear" remarkable performance. As a famous actor Eric Tsang’s son, the film director Derek Tsang mind at ease a lot, he said, had to the original author Qing Shan (baby Anne) do show: "after reading her cry, we are relieved, because we changed quite a lot." "In July and still" continuation of the "Shuangcheng story" "in July and she" adapted from the famous novelist of Qing Shan (baby Anne) novel of the same name. This is Anne’s masterpiece, and her first landing on the big screen. About "peace" (Dongyu Zhou) and "July" (Ma Sichun) two at the age of 13 to bestie girl’s friendship and love is the test of time and the growth of the story. In the movie "peace", "July" and the hero of "Ming" between the triangle is the biggest film drama conflict, and this triangular relationship, people can not help but think of the film producer Peter Chan’s directorial debut "Shuangcheng story", but also explore the triangle relationship. It is worth mentioning that the movie starring Eric Tsang, is "July and still" director Derek Tsang’s father. When it comes to this "fate", Derek Tsang joked: "Shuangcheng story" must have seen, it was the first time that my father (Eric Tsang) will act. When I was young, I think he is very yellow, very kind of color, too annoying. The first time to see Chen’s "Shuangcheng story" was very moved, the original, my father can play a very serious film. For me, I feel very happy to do this movie, and feel very good." When the media asked why not consider father to his work acting as a director, immediately denied: "no, because this did not play many roles, so he did not expect to put." While talking about the shooting "in July and still" original intention, producer Peter Chan revealed his concerns: "the so-called IP novels, in recent years many, but this novel has a benefit is very short, many IP sent hundreds of pages, it is not enough to see, every month there are several books, this is twenty page soon finished. The second is that it is completely written 80 collective memories, every time I see the collective memories I will be love, also some of the decades of mainland changes, with the young generation and between generations are not the same, very interested in." He said, because the short novel blank: "so we can do a great addition and adaptation, will not make the audience or readers)相关的主题文章: