In late summer and early autumn, dry wet heat, the coexistence of how health-exit safe mode

After the end of summer and early autumn, dry wet heat, the coexistence of how health the Mid Autumn Festival, the weather gradually began to cool, everyone’s appetite is good, can’t help to eat more delicious. Some places have "autumn tonic" custom, in some places called "stick autumn fat", meaning "guxia" when people get thin, so the cold weather will keep the meat to fat". Experts pointed out that the modern people’s diet and living habits make our body has changed, is not appropriate to stick autumn fat, dry autumn, in the diet should be more sweet and cold, moist products. Why not suitable for stick autumn fat experts, our life compared to the level before, has already been changed turn the world upside down. The problem with nutrition in our diet is that it is more energy than supply. We are worried about fish, shrimp, meat, eggs to eat too much, not lack, most people are not thin, but overweight. Therefore, in the era of material scarcity, the formation of the "fill" argument, is not suitable for material rich, nutrient rich modern. After a long hot summer, people because the frequency of drinking cold drinks, eat frozen goods have weakened functions of spleen and stomach phenomenon, so, at the beginning of autumn in the rush to avoid the tonic. Because a large number of food supplements, will suddenly increase the burden of the spleen and stomach, so that the long-term weakness of the digestive organs can not bear, leading to digestive disorders, the emergence of chest tightness, bloating, anorexia, indigestion, diarrhea and other symptoms. Wet, hot, dry coexistence, how health nature after the beginning of autumn entered the transition stage of Yin Yang Xiao Long ". Summer heat has not disappeared, the temperature is still high. In addition, when there is rain, heavy moisture, hot weather to steam for the characteristics of. Different from the same hot and humid summer, drying is a basic feature of autumn climate. "There will be rain in late summer and early autumn, when the damp heat, a period of no rain, will be hot." Song Xinghua said that at this time there are many kinds of wet, hot, dry climate. So this time we should eat less irritating strong, spicy, hot food, such as pepper, pepper and so on, for a period of adjustment to the spleen and stomach, can first make some fresh nutritious and easy to digest food, in order to regulate the function of spleen and stomach. Such as fish, lean meat, eggs, animal yam, lotus seed. In addition, dairy products, beans and fresh vegetables, fruits should be appropriate to eat. Wang Daozao is the lungs and fluid is the main autumn air, this time the body vulnerable to dryness and invasion of lung injury. China since ancient times has to dry lung injury said, after the autumn climate is dry, the skin will appear and wrinkles, dry mouth, dry mouth and throat, hoarseness, hair loss, constipation, thirst and a series of dryness syndrome, commonly known as "Qiuzao disease". If the human body resistance drops, easily lead to respiratory mucosa by stimulation of the sometimes hot and sometimes cold resistance weakened, and provide an opportunity for pathogenic microorganism, vulnerable to colds, also cause tonsillitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. Patients with chronic bronchitis and asthma, the symptoms are often aggravated. Therefore, the fall in the diet should be more sweet and cold, moist products, such as lily, white fungus, pear, yam, lotus, duck, persimmon, sesame, with lungs Sheng Jin, Yin Qing zao. Click to join the Cantonese health official group (187945286) more refined ~相关的主题文章: