In order to be forgotten 80% business experts to provide SaaS services to 55 million small and micro ca1805

In order to be forgotten 80% "business expert" to 55 million small and micro businesses to provide SaaS Services – technology Sohu ERP is a market existed for a long time, the traditional ERP software providers, such as SAP, IBM, UF, Kingdee, service object is the annual sales income of billions of dollars of large enterprises, 20% large and medium-sized ERP service the 80% of the industry’s revenue. But at the end of Pyramid small and micro businesses? China has more than 55 million stores, but few companies to provide services for them. We see Tupperware through the high streets and back lanes, and Hanhuang shoe, bull socket, orange adult small window multi chain type store, and with the upgrading of consumption and production and the rapid growth of the pet shop, Manicure, tattoo, foot bath, 3C steam, smoke and other emerging formats, become the forgotten 80%. No matter what products to sell, to provide what services, daily management, invoicing, is the common needs of these stores. Business experts see the opportunity, even if a ERP year received only hundreds of yuan of software usage fees, is also a good business in the tens of billions of paid links, assuming the average; every business revenue 20 thousand a year, the whole water in ERP, doing is 1 trillion and 100 billion the size of the transaction." We had a detailed introduction of business experts for small and micro shop owner to provide cash register, inventory, membership management, marketing, and business analysis services. You can also use the PC side and mobile phone terminal; the store can be directly through the scan code input inventory; through the open API, businesses can also be used to complete the transaction directly to Alipay and WeChat, and then synchronized to the shop in the accounts. In the second half of this year, business experts on the electricity supplier forum. Through the shopping guide model, the owner can be completed at the end of the business expert software to purchase the required products. The main business section for the owner to provide hardware shopping guide, business experts said the founder Guo Rui, a large number of information input can let business experts know more about the needs of different entities, and pure hardware sales, we have a better understanding of their actual business needs, be able to guide users of consumption. Electricity supplier forum 3 months on the line, the owner login time more than 400 minutes a day, month UV growth of more than 100%. Since it is a trillion market, why not get involved in the field of small and micro entities management? Guo Rui believes that for large enterprises, or SMEs to provide services to these software vendors, software development and service capabilities is no problem, the problem is in the sales model. The traditional sales model is mainly through the push, the high cost of passengers. These software systems are less than 3000 yuan, more than 10000 yuan, while the ability to pay small and micro businesses are very limited. If the traditional software vendors will reduce the price, it is difficult to cover the cost of the channel. On the other hand, large and medium-sized enterprises have long-term renewal ability, and the store closure rate is very high, once again failed to open new stores, sales. There is no profit, there is no driving force." Mobile terminal and PC end as a form of business experts, began to rethink the customer model, more use of online distribution channels, rather than transmission.相关的主题文章: