In order to support her daughter’s gymnastics dream father playing together old waist-autobots

In order to support her daughter’s father broke my waist gymnastics dream practice with parental support for children who are always the best children, as long as they heard the cheer cheers, can get the power of one hundred times. The United States has a father, his daughter decided to become a gymnast, he not only did not oppose the action to support, although these acts look a bit "alternative". He will imitate daughter gymnastics, style a little spicy eyes down or follow her training together, although the engraved rate is essentially zero down sometimes with her game, in a lot of places left two people down the child’s mother inverted figure in the side and laughing, and the photos are posted online video. A photo frame, a frame, not only records the father and daughter’s gymnastics fun, also recorded the father of her daughter full of love, touched many netizens. "The process of growing up with children is the most precious."   "Dad like this! I was so touched!" Of course, taking into account the father’s age, many users are also very worried about his physical condition…… "Dude, we are older, these actions will shangshen." "The spirit can be worn (but his own accident, medical insurance may be higher)!" There is a father of his dream to witness history, believe that the girl will overcome obstacles in becoming a gymnast on the road full of fight!相关的主题文章: