In the name of love to continue to pass the public! Beiqi magic speed S3L Yunnan Tibet line trip – A zhongguorentiyishu

In the name of love to continue to pass the public! Beiqi magic speed S3L Yunnan Tibet line trip – Sohu automobile in October 17th, for the love of upgrading · for the love of sound "Beiqi magic speed S3L Tibet fam tour officially set sail from Kunming, as one of the guests traveling, I am here to share with you in the journey of knowledge and experience, for the other" tour pal "Yunnan Tibet line write a travel notes, of course, will also include evaluation of vehicle performance. This trip is not only a test drive experience, the team also bear a spread love public service activities, the specific circumstances let me first secrecy… The final destination of the trip is Lhasa route, although the conventional "Yunnan Tibet line", I was on the route of the first experience, heart are full of expectations. At the same time, I am curious about the performance of the 7 compact SUV with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine above the plateau. DAY1 Kunming – Lijiang is the destination of the first station in Lijiang, the entire speed is relatively safe, the team will be assured that the steering wheel to the hands of all of us in the hands of the media. Magic speed S3L from "color value" is to give people a good impression, original and other high degree of harmony, especially the daytime driving lights U shape is moving in the team in good out of a bandbox, let more momentum. The cockpit design is relatively simple, the color and materials are more focused on the sense of quality, 4 people ride more spacious, the trunk can easily accommodate our ten day journey luggage. The configuration also has a lot of surprises, in addition to large size LCD screen in the control panel, the driving computer part also uses color screen, hand car can provide cruise is quite rare. In addition, the USB storage device and Bluetooth support can fully meet the needs of our travel entertainment. Stay in Chuxiong for lunch, "mountain vegetable kingdom" is a rich multicolored decorations courtyard, the wild vegetables are featured here, no stock, no slow cooked thick red oil sauce, rendering seasonal wild herbs just fried with different flavor. Not having lunch on the occasion, a heavy rain hit, as in the courtyard and added a bit of fresh flowers. A road to the west, Dali, Cangshan and Erhai in the body side, eyes occasionally crossed the high fence will be seen shimmering. Before arriving in Lijiang after Jianchuan, beside the lake water area although the sword is far better than Erhai, but also in the sun shine under quite seductive. Imperceptibly, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is almost in sight, the team arrived in Lijiang on the sunset. The ancient city of quiet night like noise has now been replaced, perhaps now the Old Town of Lijiang is only in the dead of the night to return to her character, the next morning goodbye, not even a bit of nostalgia. DAY2 Lijiang – Shangri-La Songyuan bridge passing across Jinsha River is Diqing tourist service center, here is the demarcation point of Lijiang and Shangri-La, after a brief stay, we continue to Diqing state seat, Shangri-La county. Before arriving in Mangkam County, the team will be along State Road 214 (Yunnan Road) road, the road ramps, bends, most of the road…相关的主题文章: