In the political life of the party big pot in the Beijing – toughened and hardened into steel.-g227

In the political life of the party "big pot" in "Beijing toughened and hardened into steel –         Beijing, 31 October, even the day, around the cadres and the masses to seriously study and implement the spirit of the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. We have said that through serious party political life, fasten "cage", the implementation of power supervision within the party, make full use of the good life of the party organizations, earnestly carry out criticism and self-criticism, adhere to the correct selection and employment oriented, will further enhance our Party of self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement ability, to ensure that our party in the great new journey in continue to open up a new realm, made new victory.         strengthen the supervision of power, tighten the "reins"         supervision is the fundamental guarantee for the correct operation of power. Within the party is not allowed to have no restriction on power, which requires the improvement of the operation of power restriction and supervision mechanism. The party is not allowed to have a special party without supervision, which requires leading cadres at all levels are equal in front of Party discipline, strictly abide by the Constitution and laws of the State Party constitution.         "discipline as a specific organ of supervision within the party, in performing the duties of supervision and discipline of accountability at the same time, the more necessary to strengthen self supervision." Yunnan Kunming city Guandu district Party committee, discipline committee Zhang Jing at the six plenary session of the spirit of learning ".         Sichuan Pixian deputy magistrate Liu Yinyong believes that the "Regulations" full coverage, zero tolerance, non restricted, the party’s leading organs and leading cadres, especially leading cadres is the focus of supervision, we must adhere to the leadership of catch and leadership, the party’s political discipline and political rule set up.         93 vice chairman of the Central Institute of Cong Bin said that the six plenary session of the Central Committee stressed that the party committees at all levels should support the democratic parties supervision. The Democratic Party is the best friends and friends to help, really, really help busy building proverbs, tell the truth.         for the majority of Party members and cadres in terms of Yan is love, width is harmful." The director of the Shanxi Bureau of Taiyuan city Wu Suxian said, "we work at the grassroots level, failing to check the" guidelines ", more on the" regulations "."         Fujian Gutian county Party Committee Standing Committee and Secretary Hu Ning said: "as the primary discipline inspection cadres, must have the discipline and rules is in front, grasp the use of good supervision and discipline and" four forms ", the" tube "and" cure "is reflected in the more daily."         Beijing Dongsi nine primary school principal Wang Fengling said, "plenary communique pointed out that the focus of supervision within the party is the party’s leading organs and leading cadres, especially leading cadres, this point to the point."         Han Yongjun, director of Ji’nan Landscaping Bureau, said: "guidelines" ()相关的主题文章: