Indonesia’s capital erupted 100 thousand Chinese people accused of Chinese religious procession-cagliari exchange

The capital of Indonesia erupted 100 thousand people marched against the Chinese Governor of the desecration of religious original title: Jakarta outbreak of anti Chinese Muslim province grew up accused of "blasphemy" parade Quran observer network]11 on Sept. 4, the Indonesian capital of Jakarta more than 100 thousand members of the hardline Muslim demonstrations on the streets, protests directed at 50 years of Jakarta’s first non muslims the heads of Chinese bell Wanxue, accusing it of "blasphemy" muslims. Police clashed with demonstrators, sources said it has caused 1 deaths and injuries. Some analysts believe that the real goal of the demonstration is the Indonesian President Djoko. Large scale demonstrations the parade by the Indonesian Islamic hardliners organization Islamic Defenders front (FPI) "launched since 2 days before hundreds of people and dozens of tour buses, starting in Jakarta parade starting point easty Kohler mosque all set, legal sanctions against Zhong Wanxue. The protesters shouted "hang the bell Wanxue along the road". In order to avoid demonstrations, most of the school announced the suspension, many companies also decided to take a day off. The scene of the Indonesian police estimated that the number of participants more than one hundred thousand people, the joint law enforcement team composed of 18 thousand police, urban management and military personnel at the scene to maintain order. The police prepared to meet the challenge Reuters reported that protesters have said: "he (Zhong Wanxue) is not a Muslim, but he insulted the koran. I call on God to imprison him." Demonstrators held up posters, called bell Wanxue is wanted a large number of demonstrators occupied the capital of multiple locations, including the National Palace, located in the Jakarta city hall and the Department of Fisheries and maritime bureau of criminal investigation office building. According to the "Global Times" reported that the site, near the presidential palace at the minibus from outside Jakarta. The parade’s "field commander" was coordinated with the local mosque early, blocking some of the sections and becoming a gathering place for the demonstrators. Demonstrations at the beginning of peace, the leader of the meeting was met with Indonesian Vice President Cara, but sporadic clashes with the police in the evening, burned several police cars. The demonstrators burned vehicles "Global Times" said command in the parade, in addition to the "Islamic Defenders front leader, and former Indonesian people’s consultative conference chairman Rice, vice president Fady of Indonesia Action Party Congress and other political opposition. The three largest Muslim groups in Indonesia have said they do not support the demonstration, and called on members not to participate in the organization’s logo parade. The introduction of the Koran by the September lead to the parade is considered by Zhong Wanxue in September to quote the Quran poem trigger. Zhong Wanxue temporarily suspended the head office of the capital, to participate in the election of Jakarta’s chief executive in February next year. He is diligent and honest, optimistic about the expected to seek re-election. "October 20th" Indonesia Kompas released poll, 5% of respondents in Jakarta on the bell Wanxue and its partner’s satisfactory performance. However, once the bell Wanxue September speech, mentioned a word verses from the Koran, said opponents in an attempt to use this verse to the Muslim thought can not choose non muslim leaders. Zhong Wanxue said: "you are fooled." This sentence angered hardline Muslim groups, the bell Wanxue desecration of islam. The desecration of the Koran in Indonesia is a criminal offence, Indonesia "Sin Chew Daily" reported that the Indonesian national police chief admiral Tito has confirmed that next Monday (7相关的主题文章: