Inner Mongolia 47 year old Dreamer open a window for special

Inner Mongolia 47 year old Dreamer: "special children" to open a window for Cui Zhaoxia (right) led the rehabilitation center for teacher professional learning. "These children are like stars in the sky, in their own world. I want to be with them, to do something for them, and to feel the beauty of the world." Cui Zhaoxia said. Cui Zhaoxia is the head of a children’s rehabilitation agency in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hohhot, 47 years old this year. A year ago, when she gave up the steady income of the establishment of the children’s rehabilitation center, friends around me feel incredible. For all persuasion, Cui Zhaoxia has a mind set: "not for money, just for the dream." Cui Zhaoxia told reporters that her childhood dream was to become a teacher, but due to various reasons, she missed the teacher this occupation. Two years ago, when Cui Zhaoxia came into contact with a group of special children as a volunteer, she was deeply shocked. Pictured Cui Zhaoxia (middle) to help children rehabilitation training. "Although these children have congenital disabilities, but to see their innocent smile, I will produce a sense of happiness." Cui Zhaoxia said. In her volunteer time, she learn some knowledge of rehabilitation training and observation, to help the children to do the training, experience in children’s progress in every little bit, see parents happy smile on the face, her heart is full of moving. "When I heard the children call my teacher, I felt closer to my dream, and I longed to do something for them." Cui Zhaoxia told reporters that she wants to open a first-class equipment, resources, teachers rehabilitation agencies to help more needy children, especially for the poor children to provide rehabilitation opportunities for free, early intervention, early treatment. Cui Zhaoxia took out all the savings at home to set up a children’s rehabilitation center. Rent venues, buy equipment, recruit teachers…… However, the reality is far more difficult than she imagined. The venue was originally rented a hotel, the site does not meet the standards, must be demolished and then re decoration, due to the limited cost of all the materials and the layout of the site is a person I have to buy and design." Cui Zhaoxia said. However, in the process of rehabilitation equipment investment, to keep up with the funds, rehabilitation center "Cui Zhaoxia’s unfinished". Cui Zhaoxia said, the original is not bright days to go out, go home when it gets dark, heart flutter in the rehabilitation center, suddenly idle. The whole mental state plummeted. Mother learned that her daughter was difficult, took out 30 thousand dollars into the hands of Cui Zhaoxia. "Although not much, but in my hand the temperature is not the same, warm." Cui Zhaoxia said. Mother’s support to strengthen the confidence of Cui Zhaoxia rehabilitation center. In the relatives and friends borrowed a few million, complete with all the professional equipment rehabilitation center. Hardware, software is more important. Rehabilitation centers need a large number of teachers, rehabilitation training for children. Cui Zhaoxia said, although the funds are limited, but must be selecting the best trick, rehabilitation is a special education teacher normal university undergraduates, have certified teacher qualification certificate and medical treatment. April 20, 2016, Cui Zhaoxia’s children’s rehabilitation center officially launched operation. In Cui Zhaoxia’s rehabilitation center, 4 year old army (a pseudonym) in the company of grandpa.相关的主题文章: