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The interview process dimension: Uber is a great competitor drops the layout of automatic driving by founder and CEO Cheng Wei introduction: "Bloomberg Business Week" published this week in an interview with CEO travel drops chengwei. Cheng Wei introduced his entrepreneurial experience, and talked about the drops and the rapid merger, as well as the recent acquisition of Uber China (excellent step). The following is the full text of the article: in the share of the travel company’s Beijing office, many employees will be Cheng Wei, the founder and CEO drops, known as the boss". Others call his English Name: Will. This summer, he called for another more global knowledge, that is "Tu yuho": the entrepreneur Bill Gates successfully repulsed the following (Bill Gates) after the leadership of Microsoft the most abundant capital, the most aggressive Uber. In August this year, after a year and a half, billions of dollars in war, Uber agreed to sell the Chinese business drops and leave china. For Uber, which is to retain the face of retreat, it gained 17.7% of the economic interest and $1 billion investment. 8 weeks later, in the floor of the headquarters of the drops, Cheng Wei generous evaluation of the defeated opponent of the 5. "Uber is a great company," he said. "They have the best Chinese market strategy for all Silicon Valley companies. They are more flexible than other companies like Google. In China, Uber did not copy the practice in other areas, but learned to show goodwill. They are not like those in China’s foreign companies, but more like a start-up company, full of passion, feeling is fighting for their own." Uber and CEO Travis (Travis Kalanick) of the fighting is well known. But in August of this year, foreign readers are not familiar with Cheng Wei, he tends to make fluent English company president, former Goldman Sachs managing director, as representative of the trickle of Liu Qing. Under the leadership of the process dimension, drops in a short span of four years to expand the business to China’s 400 cities. Drops of services provided by the mobile Internet allows people to get a taxi, car, luxury car and bus commuter express. Cheng Wei said that China now has 80% of taxi drivers use drops. Because there are so many users use drops, so that if there is no application, it is difficult to call the car at the peak. Recent drops of valuation reached $35 billion, is one of the world’s highest valuation of non-listed company. In six continents in nearly 500 cities to carry out the business of Uber is currently valued at $68 billion. At the end of September, Chengwei to "Bloomberg BusinessWeek" about him from the unknown to the public to become Chinese business tycoons experience. At the age of 33, he had a young face, wearing glasses. If it is to see such a young man at 2am in the game center, will not feel awkward. Cheng Wei’s office in northern Beijing has commercial books and fish tanks. On a sunny day, he could see the mountains in the northwest from his office, which was built by the ancient Chinese to resist the Mongols in the Great Wall. This happens to fit the situation. Cheng Wei said: "when i"相关的主题文章: