Introduction To The School Of Athens -tonya mitchell

Arts-and-Entertainment In 1508, Rafael left Florence, passed Bramante re.mended by an architect who was supervising St. Peter’s, and came to Rome to work for the Pope Jules II. He has been there for nearly 10 years, and has drawn a lot of murals for the Pope’s palace. Among them, four groups of paintings within Vatican Pope palace are the most outstanding (titled Establishment and Consolidation of Church Government, mural paintings are divided into four: the subject of first group is Theology, Poetics, Philosophy, and Law; the second is concerning church’s power and honor; the third is painting the dead Pope Leo III and IV; four mural paintings in the fourth group are .pleted by Raphael’s students based on his sketch.) And Philosophy is also named as The School of Athens is the most successful work, measuring 2.7946.172 meters. This painting takes Plato and Aristotle as the center and draws more than 50 scholars, which not only excellently displays the painting ability of Raphael, but also gives fully play to his spatial skills. He gives every character with very careful thinking with the considerable lineup, which only Michelangelo’s ceiling paintings can match it. At that time, Raphael was only 26 years old. The School of Athens is themed by Athens Academy built by ancient Greece philosopher Plato and based on seven liberal arts, namely grammar, rhetoric, logic, mathematics, geometry, astronomy and music in recognition of the human pursuit of wisdom and truth. The artist tries to recall the golden age in the history to yearn for a better future. Its theme is the worship of the Greek spirit and the pursuit of the highest ideal of life, which is the long-cherished wish of humanistic artists themselves. The whole painting takes the tall building arch as the background. Famous scholars of different ages, different regions and different schools including the previous thinkers, contemporary celebrities gather in the hall. They make a free discussion as if holding a ceremony or celebrating a festival, which is filled with the atmosphere of contention of a hundred schools of thoughts and embodies the essence of human wisdom. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: