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Investor confidence index for March is optimistic interval sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million bullish investors increased – reporter Hou Jiening in September 9th, the "Securities Daily" reporter from the Chinese securities investor protection fund company was informed that the latest release of "August 2016 China securities investors the confidence of the market survey report" shows that the China stock market investor confidence index in August reached 54, an increase of 4.7%, the index also rose to different extents. With the market rebound since March, the market has gradually lifted the center of gravity, the investor confidence index from the early around 50 neutral volatility gradually stabilized at more than the neutral value of 50, has been in the interval of optimism for the next three months. In addition, compared with the previous month, the market optimism index rose, the proportion of investors bullish market has increased. In August, investors in the domestic economic fundamentals and domestic economic policy is conducive to further enhance the confidence of the stock market. Specifically, in August the domestic economic fundamentals index reached 52.9, an increase of 4.1%, of which, 23.5% of investors believe that the domestic economic fundamentals in the future three months the stock market will have a beneficial effect on August; domestic economic policy index (DEPI) was 55.9, an increase of 7.3%. "Data from the point of view, the current economic fundamentals and overall social stability, financial markets running smoothly overall, new progress has been made in the supply side structural reform, investors in the domestic economic fundamentals confidence rebounded significantly and tended to be stable." An analyst to accept the Securities Daily reporters, said. In addition, due to concerns about the Fed announced interest rate hike in August, international oil prices and gold prices have fallen sharply, the European and American stock market has also been affected. But from the survey results, investors on the external market confidence has not been affected by this, three consecutive months of recovery. August international economic and financial environment index (IEFEI) was 46, up from last month (43.4) by 2.6. Among them, 17.8% of investors believe that the international economic and financial environment for China’s stock market in the next three months will have a beneficial impact; of the investors believe that it will have a negative impact on the impact of 24.2%. From the market perspective, the valuation of stock index in August rose more significantly, an increase of 9%, 48.6, investors believe that the overall valuation of the level of China’s stock market is still high; in shock consolidation in the background, investors on the market expectations of finishing a breakthrough platform to expand the space still have gradually, the rebound in the market, the market optimism index was 53.7 and 52.1, an increase of 5.5% and 3.2%; in August the market resilience index rose by 2.7%, a further increase to 61.5, while the highest value since the beginning of this year; however, in the market, saw repeated operation difficulty increases, in August to buy index is still below 50 neutral value of 47.9, and 47.7 was essentially flat last month still, investors buy will tend to be cautious. Sina said in a statement: this message is reproduced from sina Associated Media, new相关的主题文章: