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Is it worth saying that the gear is more expensive to eat the earth? Sohu automobile Sohu [distance headlamp] writing this article before, suddenly remembered the small Yue Yue sang the song "rings", "ah, you more than four rings, rings, rings ah ah, you less than six ring ring". But this is not to say, so simple addition and subtraction you ask the first grade children they can answer. Yes, what is the problem of a few rings simply do not need to prove, but we have to talk about today’s car gearbox, the five block is only more than six stalls so simple? This is a question worthy of careful consideration. Speaking of gearbox, it is quite important for the car, it is not our eyes to see that a block so simple, there is a word I have been very reasonable, chassis determines the character of a car. Then the braking system, transmission system, driving system, steering system composed of four parts of the chassis, gearbox and how much? It can be said that if there is no gearbox is connected with the help, then our car will can’t do anything. Instead, the gearbox of the earliest in 1899 has been developed successfully. The automatic gearbox is also in the 19 years after the advent of, although only a two speed gearbox, but still has the epoch-making significance. In recent years, with the development of automotive technology, the transmission gear is increasing, from 4 speed to 5 speed, 6 speed and 10 speed, even Honda has developed a 11 speed gearbox, this is to the rhythm of the guards? That’s right, the gearbox has become more and more smooth, shift logic is more delicate, fuel economy is better, but the block is the more the better? Here we come to a careful interpretation of some. In the face of the Chinese speaking community form, the car is another face, not a comparison, even the gearbox shifts also became at leisure to talk about capital, have to say this is ridiculous, but there is a fact of hundred-percent. Indeed, in the past a long period of time, the transmission gear is indeed the more the better. But don’t forget a word called "things", everything will have a degree, over the degree might have the opposite effect, this is the Mercedes BMW and other giants after tens of billions of times that prudent simulation research above 8AT gearbox no longer. At present, the main structure of the automatic transmission is mainly composed of the transmission case, the torque converter, the planetary gear set, the multi plate clutch, the transmission shaft and the control mechanism. Due to the operation characteristics of the planetary gear set, automatic transmission does not need manual transmission gear so much to participate in the work, so compared with the traditional manual transmission structure, a planetary gear set make the volume and weight of gearbox have been reduced, and this is its advantage. Depending on the arrangement and combination of the planetary gear sets, different transmission ratios can be changed, thereby forming a wide range of automatic transmissions. But to say that the continuous increase in gear can be changed in a more extreme shift experience, in fact, it is not. The acceleration performance is determined by the starting speed, the shift speed and the gear ratio of the first gear. More for a block, it is necessary to consume?相关的主题文章: