Is not a child disobedient, you did not say the dialogue – Sohu maternal and child

Not obedient child, you did not say the dialogue – Sohu maternal basket | mother car on his way to Peipu travel, the two brothers in the back seat, utterly bored to play up, and my father and I will also begin to nightmare! Good words to say: "don’t play anymore, dad is very dangerous to drive effect!" To shout: "you do not listen to shortness of breath, go home to be punished!" These are no use! "Can not" this sentence, such as a difficult password, the two brothers can not receive, let it as the ear wind, "can not" for boys really so difficult to understand it! We go out to the car instead of walking, one family often spend time in the car, the two brothers in the car what can play, what are fun, I often say, how the two brothers can always in a sense of excitement among the two people after being apart a long time! Play up always so high! "I now take out operation!" "I’m a thunderbolt!" , "kill kill kill??????", "Qiang Qiang Qiang??????" and the sound of loud shaking a little fierce, the space inside the car to explode, let alone must concentrate on driving father, even in the front seat around my head couldn’t help pain up! Or even gentle lip jokes, easily amused the ANN is full in the car for you "ha ha ha??????", "hee hee hee??????,??????" don’t stop laughing is this doubt, laughter, I suddenly realized the adjectives of laughter China words really this: "laugh", "smile", "smiling" originally described so well! It is based on the ANN’s laughter made the word, and this is like laughter soundtrack to your escape, shock in the car makes you quick collapse! "All right! Don’t play anymore!" "Stop oh! I said stop!" Go back to play, "the punishment!" Not just said, how to start?" "Exactly how many times?" You again and again and again but they sternly warned, most is the only cool for a minute, then immediately forgot two net! "Kill kill kill, ha ha ha ha!" How come, you smoke on the head, dad was angry to the car to the roadside stop, severely scolded the two brothers a meal! No, "no" and "not", "no" to stop the current behavior of these words is "password" for children, do not understand, does not understand, can not enter the brain interprets, so that the ear will be discarded, the wind shadow longitudinal. This "symptom" is particularly evident in our family. He is the most famous "teases" Kung Fu, he is you have to stop him before he was in, in your speech did not break the occasion, when your face do it, people are very distressed! In the days before? "See the world" parent professor hwawei Ko article "water, cross over! ", I really have a feeling. Isn’t that what we’re talking about? "There is water, can not step on the Oh, hear no!" I shouted sharply. He is holding the feet, listen to me a shout in the air, hesitated for 1 seconds, and then toward the center of water avoid leaning to either side step down, water sprayed shoes are wet, and he was.相关的主题文章: