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It’s so hot in the summer: the ancient Chinese what to wear in summer? Sohu mesun shikama reading posted "no summer flying fish, banana yarn 35 things", in addition to Ge, many plant fiber woven fabrics are very suitable for use in the summer time. Such as ramie woven cloth, woven yarn of banana banana skin, bamboo skin, hibiscus bark fiber woven cloth, yarn, bamboo and lotus, lotus is also a cloth, onion skin thick smoke if ", also can be achieved through thin cool effect. "Heavenly Creations" service has a summer festival, specially introduced can do "summer clothes" of various plant material, including the commonly used materials of ramie, Ge, and extremely coarse piemarker, woven yarn of banana banana skin. Guangdong has produced all kinds of hot summer dress fabric is particularly famous, silk "wide yarn". In addition to the familiar silk, plant fiber Ge, hemp, banana, bamboo, rattan, there are ten kinds of Furong cloth items, good quality "woven as weak as cicada wings, weighs only a few baht". If the plant fiber and silk blend, more light and soft. Guangdong silk weft, mixed with cotton cloth by GE Huang, Song Dynasty "clear differences recorded" mentioned in the Five Dynasties and Northern Song Dynasty Jiangxi Linchuan, Shangrao pure silk, banana and bone twisting ", the banana stem silk and silk is woven into a twisted veil," Xia Yueyi, Qingliang aptamer, called "wake up, make bone yarn" coat "Taiqing cloak", close fitting jacket is called "small too". The volt: once again put on the hot dog unlined silk gauze, after Chushu, then take off Ge yarn, in turn change the diameter of yarn, yarn, yarn of sesame field. Then, for a single autumn equinox on this silk class, as well as between spring and summer, summer heat is formed by the size of the vertex, replacing the sequence before and after the symmetry of the spring and autumn. Specific use, we can from a variety of ancient archives, diaries, notes to see some examples. PuYi in "my former life had recalled:" as to talk about the emperor wearing clothes to the four seasons, is really a trouble man. Hate the most is, according to the transfer of a year twenty-four season, to wear clothes suitable for solar term". He complain is a reflection of the Qing Dynasty monarch dress required strictly in accordance with the seasonal characteristics of different material of solar term. The Imperial Palace just kept a 1921 Poyi (then still living in the the Imperial Palace Palace) "the four executive library file" (four to replace the worn library for the storage and management of various types of clothing department, the emperor) can be seen from the emperor of the Qing Dynasty still maintained more than ten kinds of material, often take time to make the habit of class a year ordered replacement fixed: from the first month of the rain the Qingbaikouan Pipao coat to the February equinox, Qingming changed Tianma skin, rat skin, chinchilla Pipao, cement…… In March twenty cotton gown, in March twenty-eight in April for a single clip gown, Xiaoman gown, in April twenty-seven in the field at the beginning of May ten for his yarn, sesame yarn gown, twenty for yarn diameter gown, the beginning of the June change color yarn Ge gown…… The August equinox in early September two for a single gown, clip gown, tenth for cotton gown, twenty-two small sheepskin gown…… The seasonal change of Qing Dynasty officials, is based on the "easy season palace copy on the edict", Zunzhi line. Wang Wenshao, the Minister of the late Qing Dynasty, was in his diary.相关的主题文章: