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[Jane stuffed]1990 French masters XO Cognac, limit the sale of 18 bottles of Sohu and recommend a Cognac’s top winery – Taishi Dragon (Tesseron), see it produced more Niubi: a dragon Taishi Park No. 29 Cognac XO (Tesseron Lot N° 29) is the world’s only one is Parke comment on Cognac for 100 points. A dragon Taishi Park No. 53 Cognac XO (Tesseron Lot N° 53) by the magazine "world famous Wine and spirits Wine enthusiasts" (Wine Enthusiast) awarded 100 points. The dragon and Taishi positioning high-end boutique, just above the XO level of the top Cognac brewing, low yield. Dragon: Cognac is the world’s largest collection of Cognac Jane stuffed family stoste, have a hundred years of history, "the water of life". The winery founder Mr. long established Taishi Taishi dragon Cognac winery in 1905, has now passed to the fourth generation. In addition to Cognac distillery Taishi Taishi dragon, dragon family also has 5 Bordeaux Grand Cru Ponte CaNaY Winery (Chateau Pontet-Canet) and the 4 Bordeaux Grand Cru Deportivo tin Winery (Chateau Lafon-Rochet). Among them, the Ponte CaNaY grand VIN won the Parke 100 points respectively in 2009 and 2010, Bordeaux is the 5 Grand Cru of the fighter". It can be said that the whole family is a dragon Taishi high-end boutique wine history. It is worth mentioning that the dragon named Cognac Taishi is a digital number named, distinctive. Digital number on behalf of the Cognac’s main base wine grape picking the year. For example, "90" refers to the majority of base wine grape picking year for 1990. "No. 53" means that most of the vintage wines are picked in 1953. More years old, the base wine is aged in oak barrels longer. To this end, the wine encyclopedia launched Taishi dragon No. 90 Cognac XO (Tesseron Lot N° 90), 1 bottles of 699 yuan, limit the sale of 18 bottles, SF or Debon shipping! Please press the bottom of the two-dimensional code, select the identification of two-dimensional code into the micro shop snapped! Note: (1) during the weekend will be unified under a single delivery, next Monday please understanding; (2) the wine has independent gift packaging, such as gift boxes, please note "in order for the gift box"; (3) because of this wine is more expensive, does not support the return after delivery, please carefully orders, orders that said [buy] approval bar agreed this transaction. The full of excitement.? Please pick up your excitement, first detailed understanding of this classic wine. 1, the majority of wine grape production since 1990, the base wine aged in oak barrels for about 24 years the wine with large and small champagne Ugni Blanc (Ugni Blanc)] wine相关的主题文章: