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Japanese media: China seeking built international grid picture to Japan South Korea India transmission data: a worker upgrade project site operation in power grid. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Hongxiang Photo Reference News Network reported on November 6th, Japanese media said that China’s state-owned power transmission industry giant Power Grid Corp is seeking to build a connection to India, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia, the transmission network. Long distance transmission and high voltage transmission will require a huge amount of investment, but will help China’s surplus electricity to the power shortage areas. In addition, to achieve the goal of low-carbon society, as a flexible use of renewable energy is also highly anticipated. According to Japan’s Fuji Business News reported on November 4th, CO sponsored by Peng Boxin Energy Finance (BNEF) and other agencies, Bloomberg future energy Asia Pacific summit held in Shanghai from November 1st to 2. Chinese, Thailand, Mongolia and other countries participating in the per capita energy policy emphasizes that the construction of interconnected power grid in Asia benefits, said in addition to cut the cost of electricity, the flexible use of the transmission network will also realize the use of renewable energy. Zhang Qiping, chief engineer of the state Power Grid Corp at the summit showed a strong desire for power transmission in India, Southeast Asia and other areas of electricity shortage. Wang Min, deputy general manager of the company believes that the rapid expansion of energy demand in Asia, the Asian energy Internet is an important part of the global energy internet. Reported that behind this statement has the support of the Chinese government. Wang Min explained that such an attempt with the Chinese government in August 2015 proposed the power industry air pollution reduction targets consistent. Chinese electric power construction group deputy general manager Yao Qiang pointed out: "the connection between the interconnected power grid area once started operating as an international framework to jointly cope with global warming, will help countries completed last year by the Paris climate agreement specified pollutant emission limit target." He stressed that renewable energy to replace fossil fuels is an irresistible trend. China in March this year ushered in a turning point in the development of the power industry to the construction of interconnected power grid opportunities. In the same month decided to participate in the national Power Grid Corp Softbank group launched the "Asian super power" concept and signed a memorandum of understanding to promote the construction of international network interconnection and Softbank, Korea Electric Corp, the Russian power grid company in Northeast Asia and the implementation of the investigation, making work plan and etc.. Wang Min is expected to build the country to the state power transmission, transmission of electricity to the continents of the international super high voltage transmission network program may also be proposed, plans to begin operations in 2050, is expected to invest $50 trillion. BNEF founder Michael · Malibu Reich said in Shanghai: "the technology is still facing many issues. The longer the transmission distance is, the more likely it will be to have a breakdown or to have a devastating impact. All these problems must be solved." Reported that, for the realization of flexible use of natural energy, aimed at the construction of international electric power non-profit group global energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) secretary general Wang Yimin believes that the China, system interconnection international will be the smart grid and ultra high voltage transmission lines, green energy together. He is also confident that technically feasible相关的主题文章: